Time Is Money Friend

Back In May, we asked you to help support TGQ blog so that we could continue to create guides for you, which would otherwise be scheduled for closure in Autumn this year.

There was a wonderful response, which restored my hope to be able to continue this work for you.

We still don’t have enough support to be profitable, but we’re much closer to survival!


Paying Back To Patreons

Some patreons have been supporting us since before Legion launch.  As a thank you for support, in return I give:

  • Access to the Members-only Video Guide website, while under construction. Watch a full guide being created!
  • Always-on access to the free goldmaking email course
  • Patreon-only chat in discord

Patreon’s BfA Farming Routes

Back at Legion launch, I worked hard to gather all the herb and ore nodes in preparation, giving Patreons farming routes before the expansion was launched.

This year I’m doing the same thing again, and have gathered 800 Herb nodes and 431 Mining (ore) nodes

Not only will Patreons start off with a full map of herb and mining nodes, but there are farming videos up on the website showing routes for things like [Riverbud] herbs, and the new skinning, both leather and scales.

Section of Voldun Herb and Ore mining nodes

Section of Zandalar Voldun Herb and Ore mining nodes. Click to Enlarge


Time is Money Friend

For Patreons who have been supporting me for several months, I wanted to go one step further and send them a surprise gift in the mail.

Here’s the story of what I did:

First I asked patreons if they would like to receive the surprise, to let me know where to mail the gift.  I understand its not always safe to give out your address to a stranger over the internet.

At first I was just going to get some badges (American: Pins? Buttons?) and mail them, but as I got hold of the badges/pins and got excited about giving away, I wanted to really get into this and give more back to the community.


The badges arrived, they looked awesome.


Focus on Time Organisation Skills

I hit upon the idea of “Time is Money Friend” 

Giving away a nicely packaged watch, in two variants, Horde and Alliance, would remind patreons, when they looked at their wrist, that Time is Money, and to focus on their time organisational skills and not just killing mobs or posting on the auction house.

I ordered a large number of watches in designs suitable for all genders, and made sure to get both red and blue.

#TimeIsMoneyFriend Horde and Alliance versions.


I wanted to make it a special experience for Patreons, so I decided to also order:

  1. Personalised ribbons “Time is money friend” and “love from TGQ” Elegant black with gold lettering
  2. Gold gift boxes
  3. Gold thank you cards
  4. Golden gift tags


Here’s the photos of packaging up the watches for Patreons!



I got them all packaged up, it was very exciting.

Especially because it was a surprise!

I could take all these photos last month, but wouldn’t be able to share them until today.


Some Patreons got their badges and watch delivered separately, some got them bundled in the same package.

After spending all my money on gifts, silly me had to save up to pay for the mailing cost all across the world.  Australia, Ireland, Norway, USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Darnassus, oh wait not that last one #toosoon?

All the packages have now been sent out so I can finally let go of the secrets that I’ve been hiding!



Now it’s time for the best part of giving away surprise gifts:  Seeing the excited responses, and knowing how happy I made some people.


Patreons, Problems?

Patreons, if you have any problems with your gift, see whether changing the battery works, and if not, just let me know.

I did take note of whether you wanted Horde, Alliance, or were faction neutral and tried to send you the right colour watch!

If you’re expecting a gift and it hasn’t arrived yet, give it another week or two, due to international postage/mailing times.


Non-Patreon supporters

Thank you for all your support, whether you have been a blog reader for years, an email subscriber, a free email course student, or a facebook or twitter follower.  Thank you for your retweets, thank you for your hugs, thank you for coming to twitch streams when I feel brave enough and verbal enough to go live. Thank you for keeping me going.

If you missed the surprise gift to Patreons, it was *NOT* part of the advertised “deal”.  It was a special something that I wanted to give, just because. Just because.

If you are a goldmaker like me, you will know that one of the best things about making gold is being able to afford to give back to friends who have supported you in game, whether that be with transmog loot, gifts of pets or mounts, or just a few gold when your friend is in need.  Giving is rewarding for the giver as well as the receiver.

Giving is rewarding for the giver as well as the receiver.

It was spur of the moment, and I have no idea whether I will do another secret surprise giveaway or not, so please don’t join Patreon expecting a free gift.  Please join my patreon to support me personally, and to get hold of all the gold secrets in the membership website.


Here comes the tweetable

Click to tweet #TimeIsMoneyFriend and join in with the fun.

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Over to You

How can I continue to be of use and value to you, readers?

We are looking at the following possible ways:

  • More research, with a representative at #Blizzcon2018
  • More videos for patreons
  • Regular blog posts, from both Gold Queen and Gold Dragon
  • Always available on Twitter, Facebook, Discord
  • Patreon-only Discord chats
  • New Gold Queen design Tshirts
  • New Warcraft mini guide ebooks, similar to the battle pets miniguides, and WoD garrison mini guide
  • New Gold Queen design gold, silver, and copper coin-style collectable pins


Where You Can Find Us To Give Feedback

Twitter @thegoldqueen @dragonbearjoe (Gold Dragon)

Facebook the gold queen

Discord the gold queen

Patreon https://www.patreon.com/thegoldqueen

KoFi https://ko-fi.com/U7U26LQA

Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/thegoldqueen

email tgq@thegoldqueen.com



Goldqueen faseAbout the Author

Alyzande is one of the TGQ authors. She’s working on her 15th 110, has 10 years expertise in making Warcraft gold, 19,000+ achievements, 1593 days played, over 39 million gold earned, and now playing World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth beta. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling, snatch lists, and farming gold making. Want more updates on Warcraft Legion? Support my Patreon for exclusive pre-release Battle for Azeroth Gold Guides.