Gold Queen Logo Products

Need a tshirt to support your favourite Warcraft Gold website?

You can now buy the TGQ logo on a tshirt, hoodie, and even mugs, clocks, travel mug.



Or perhaps you like the logo to appear like many coins?

Stack up those pillows and you’ll have your own mountain of “gold”



Useful for carrying around all the gold (or groceries?)

Choose and buy now



All good goblins know that Time is Money, Friend. And now you can remind yourself to organise your time-keeping with a TGQ clock

The best Warcraft addon is piece of paper and a pencil, so if you need a notebook to remind you of your daily routine, items to check the prices, or keep track of the wages for your farmers, here’s a great place to write them:


Stickers come in three sizes

Make sure your coffee doesn’t get cold while you’re distracted by all the awesome gold making!

Tshirts in 16 colours!