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We all know (and love) the Undermine Journal.

The Undermine Journal gives all sorts of wonderful WoW Auction House pricing data, both current and past,


The Undermine Journal - log in

The Undermine Journal – log in

Have you ever wondered what that “log in” means in the upper right hand side? An admin thing maybe? Perhaps just another sneaky way of stealing your data?

Nope. It’s one of the world’s best ways to get instant updates from your Auction House to your email.

And if you have a smart phone, then straight to your smart phone too. That’s instant AH info in your hand, 24/7.


By the way, sarcastic congrats to Gbanks, Ryczersbank and Baconbank on being immediately identifiable as a bank alt.  Take my advice here and roll a much less noticeable name like Izzyy and Raerit have done (hello Stormreaver-EU!)


Why use Undermine Journal instead of just the Trade Skill Master Sniper?

TSM Sniper shows you items that are for sale at a noticeable lower price than e.g. market price.

TSM Sniper does not show you

  • Items that haven’t been seen for a while and might be rare
  • Items that fall below a certain price.
  • When there are less than a set quantity on the AH

Definitely use TUJ and TSM both together


Here are some of my (secret!) notifications

Undermine Journal Market Notifications Guide

Undermine Journal Market Notifications

As you can see, I’ve asked for a notification if the price of [redacted] drops below a set value, and if there is less than 1 secret pattern available.  That means an instant email so I can buy the underpriced item, and a reminder to post my own pattern from my stash and reset the price much higher than normal.

I’ve also asked the undermine journal to send me emails immediately if uncommon weapon/armor is posted that hasn’t been seen for 3 weeks, if a recipe hasn’t been seen for 40 days or if a battle pet hasn’t been seen for 2 weeks.  This should let me buy out any rare transmogs, rare (unavailable!?) recipes, and battle pets that are unusual on my server.

I set these up as an example for you.

It works for more than one server.


How To Get Updates From The Undermine Journal To Your Email

Step 1 : Log in. Link up your battle net to TUJ

Step 2: Subscribe! It’s $5 per 60 days. A miniscule price that helps Erorus fund the Undermine Journal servers

Step 3:



Step 4:

TUJ Subscription Extended

TUJ Subscription Extended

Step 5:

Check your email is in here, and change the notification period to your liking.  You could even put it on a RSS feed reader.

TUJ Message Delivery

TUJ Message Delivery

Step 6:

Final Step, go to an item’s page and set up the information that you’d like to be notified about.

In this example, Honorable Longbow is 23k on EU-Nagrand.  We set up a subscription to be instantly notified if any are posted under 20,000g.

Undermine Journal Market Notification

Undermine Journal Market Notification

Undermine Journal Market Notification

Undermine Journal Market Notification

Step 7:

Eagerly await your email (or RSS) notifications



Because the World of Warcraft API was recently unavailable, the undermine journal saw no items during this time.  Items seen after this time appear to be rare. They’re not.

So wait until March 2018 to subscribe to Undermine Journal otherwise your email will flood with mistaken “hey we haven’t seen this item for weeks!” notification.


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