Spectral Tiger Duping

As a known gold maker on my realm, I became aware of Something Strange happening with Swift Spectral Tiger mounts in the middle of January 2015.  Where once Spectral Tigers were rare, the numbers appearing on the AH began to double, treble, and continue to increase, together with an interesting rise in level 1 characters selling them directly or in trade chat.   Guild mates and other gold makers and gold farmers asked my opinion, so I started to research for duping.


Swift Spectral Tiger or Magic Rooster

Spectral Tiger and TCG mount dumping

Is the swift spectral tiger being duped?

Yes, I think so, said battle.net forums.

Yes, I want to buy some, said ownedcore.

Yes, cmon, clearly a dupe, said the clever goblins at Stormspire.

What do Blizzard think? Some hearsay here. 


Numbers of Swift Spectral Tigers in EU has trebled since mid January 2015: Graph from The Undermine Journal

Swift Spectral Tiger Duping

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Advice on Spectral Tigers:

BUYERS Dont risk it if you think its a dupe, but if you think its legit, go for it.

SELLERS Dump in the short term, hold on to them long term.

Remember the Crimson Death Charger dupe?  This was 3 years ago. The price was peanuts for months, but has slowly crept back up


Magic Rooster dupes

The Alternative Theory

One redditor said, MagicMert, said “I did have 1 theory though and that is gold sellers selling off their stock of items so they can get the gold onto servers and sold ASAP since when the ability to buy game time from players becomes a thing their business will pretty much be dead, This would also explain the fact that gold seller website spam in trade has shot up to ridiculous levels in the past few weeks.”

This was my own theory until I saw the actual numbers of WoW TCG Mounts began rising in the middle of January.  Here’s the graph of the Magic Roosters in EU. Again, numbers began to treble around 15 Jan 2015

Magic Rooster dupe

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TCG Duped Mounts To Look Out For

  • Ghastly Charger’s Skull (maybe)
  • Wooly Rhino
  • Spectral Tiger
  • Swift Spectral Tiger
  • Magic Rooster

Over to you:  Are you going to be buying or selling Spectral Tigers?


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  1. Cat
    Cat says:

    I would lovce to have the spectral tiger, however upon checking it is 800k on my server and I just don’t have that gold, but the second I do….I will most definitely be buying it 🙂

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