This is a sneaky trick I invested in, which paid dividends this morning. You might be able to use it, or you might just get a good chuckle.

First find something in game that might or might not be being removed in next patch.  Your target is the “nub wannabe AH player” who doesn’t check patch notes.


  1. Purchase said item for 500g.
  2. Purchase ANOTHER one for 500g.
  3. Put them both on AH for 10,000g each, 12 hours sell out (creates a sense of panic) for the next week.  Watch everyone else panic and increase their prices to 6k, 7k, 8k.
  4. Let the word get around the server. Patience, young padawan.  “haha Feb is selling the item for 10k!” but then watch all the other sellers panic and try and cash in.
  5. Time it right, trust your instincts and you wont miss.  Post your item for sale at 2,899.
  6. BINGO! Your item sells immediately to Panicbiuyrdk.  Deduct the 5g it cost to continually post the item.
  7. Repeat with the other item. because your first one sold so fast, no one will know or realise that it is not a cheap bargain.

Profit: 2,394g x 2

Damn I am a sneaky minx.

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