Today I’m interviewing Mr Exploiting My Server, or what should we call you? And why did you choose “exploiting” ?

My real name is Adam. Most of the people I hang around with in my E-Life call me that–or Sinku which is my Shaman’s name. I chose because that is actually what each of us are doing. The word exploit among gamers has a negative connotation in which they assume means boting or hacking. When actually its is defined as Exploit: use or manipulate to one’s advantage. That is exactly what all of us “gold guru’s” are doing is manipulating the economy in the game to our advantage. On top of that I wanted a name that would catch readers. Someone googles the words WOW Exploit is highly likely to run across my site. There was a lot of thought that went into picking this name and so far it has really payed off.

I think we’ve heard you on the Just My Two Copper friday night TeamSpeak meetings. How did you get involved in that?

I got involved with that mainly because Mageshadow recognized me as someone who knows what they are talking about. Not trying to sound like i’m all proud of myself or anything but that’s really what it comes down to. You’ve really just gotta put yourself out there and get people to ask you questions and if you truly know what your talking about people will take notice.

How long have you been blogging? What do you enjoy about it?

I am really a newcomer in the world of blogging. I’ve done guest posts and stuff a few times but having my own blog only happened in mid February! I started out on Blogspot and realized within a few posts that I didn’t want to stay on blogger. It just didn’t seem to have the possibilities that I want to do in the future. Both Xander and Myself switched to full blown .COM websites a few weeks ago so we’ve been helping eachother. I really enjoy playing around with themes and customizing. I can spend hours perfecting something to what I want it to look like–although nothing is ever perfect. As far as content goes I enjoy giving my readers the information that I have hidden in my brain. It’s easy to find an idea and keep it for yourself. Personally, I get bored as hell when I am doing the same gold making scheme over and over again. Which is why I choose to tell people about something when I stumble across is. Also I don’t often just spill numbers and things like that. There is an awful lot of theory behind making gold and I choose to get into more of that side of the game.

You started getting into making gold back in WOTLK mining. Is that where you suggest everyone starts, by using gathering professions?

If you are just starting out and need the capital to begin then yes mining and herbing are foolproof ways to get gold. There is really nothing that is a guarantee like selling crafting mats. It doesn’t take long to hit 10K if your mining for an hour or two a day.

What was your sweetest deal?

Early on in Cataclysm when people were selling truegold a lot more I checked the Auction house and someone posted like 5 stacks of Truegold for 1400 each rather than 14,000! Poor guy/girl–apparently what had happened was they were not paying attention and did a batch post and their data was a little off. Hard lesson learned isn’t it!

Do you plan very far ahead? Got any plans over the next month?

I’m planning a little ways off. Right now that is with me setting up my new website and continue getting content that brings people back. I am currently trying to line up a couple people who would want to post a weekly article on my website. I am able to knock out 7 articles a week no problem but the thing is that can’t go on forever! Also I am starting to work on an eBook. Its not going to be a guide its going to be an actual book. I think the whole Gold Guide thing is pretty beaten down between the 50+ that exists. Funny thing is most of them are just CTL+C from forums so the information you are now paying for you could have gotten free if you just knew where to look! That leads me into another idea I am working on which is an information database off all the forums and websites and anything else I find useful. Hopefully in the end people will be able to go to my website and have a specific list of all the places that can find useful information.

Thanks for your time

Anytime! It has been my pleasure! @dollada06 on Twitter and @dollada06 on Skype. Check out my blog at

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  1. Adam
    Adam says:

    Hey everyone, yeah sorry I shut down my blog “temporarily” I’ve stretched myself too far and have too many things going on. I am currently writing a warcraft type book. Not a guide. I will leave that expertise up to Alto! But you can all still find me on fridays at JMTC and on twitter. Im sure i’ll guest post on Xander, Alto and Prness’s blogs at some point.

  2. Altolycus
    Altolycus says:

    Both the rise and demise of Adam. I hope you continue with your book, I think it will be a great read. Sorry to hear about you quitting blogging before you really even started. Best of luck to you brother!

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