Moving to a new World of Warcraft Server

Yesterday I told you about my culture shock moving from being the gold godfather queen of a small server to a nobody on a huge server realm.  Just when I thought I would be ok, earning good solid gold with new strategies for a new server, and reclaiming my “royalty”, I discovered my competition included one of the scariest, strongest, most famous gold gamers in Europe.

I needed to know more.  Reading his blog, his guides. Look, when he logs off, here comes an alt into the Auction house, posting every one of his limited supply items from his guide.  I could just wait for the alt to log off, and post my own set of the same items from the same guide.  I would be queen again!

I would be a complete douche.

My conscience stopped me in my tracks.  How dare I abuse his generous guide to take away his gold, his sales, destroy his enjoyment of the game.

I kept out of his markets. He liked enchanting scrolls? Then I would focus on leatherworking.  his alt logged on with all the limited supply patterns? Then I’d load up my small companion pets alt.  But I still knew his movements, his plans, strategies.  I had an unfair advantage and it wasn’t right.  Not only was there room for both of us, but we could help each other, learn from and support the other.

I tentatively approached him on one of the big wow gold gaming sites.  I expected a d*ckhead.  I expected him to sneer and attack, taunt me into AH pvp.  What I didn’t expect was a new friend.  We laughed together. he was as surprised to find another gold blogger on his server as I was.

My new gold gaming buddy

We now share a guild. We volunteer tips and secrets to each other. We haven’t white-listed each other. I’m sure there are times when TSM means we undercut each other.  Mostly, we know each other’s markets. He’s in a heroic, I’ll play AH and vice versa. It gives buyers time to choose and purchase. I’d never choose competitive pvp AH but if we both wanted to sell the same item, it’s fair play! If we’re lucky, both will sell. If not, then the winner will be the one with the cleverest, smartest selling prices and strategies, and congrats to him (or to me!) Another tactic is to talk up each others sales on trade chat. ÂHe wants to sell a rare expensive pattern, I coo loudly at the rarity and low price, and it sells faster and higher for him.

White Listing

The opposite of blacklisting.  When you white list someone, you ensure you do not undercut their auctions, even if that means you can’t post your own sales.

We never give each other items except that one time I got sick of seeing him naked at the mailbox and gave him a cheap dress to “cover the hell up you fugly bstard!”  We respect each other too much.  I love sneaking my scrolls up on AH when his stock is low, and he almost certainly does the same with my glyphs.  It’s all part of the fun.  Respectful competition.

The decision to reveal his name/identify is his choice, not mine. Don’t worry buddy, your anonymity is safe if you choose!  He’s been an absolute rock of strength to me these past weeks whilst I’ve been in hospital and had to play via WoW Remote AH.  I won’t embarrass you with effusion, I’ll just say:  “thanks mate“.

twitpiAbout the Author

The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 10 garrisons, 16k achievements, 1505 days played, and over 18m gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

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  1. Murray
    Murray says:

    Did they let you out? Plaease stop in to say hi (you know where). We have been worried. How is Brandon doing & where has he been? Let me know if you need anything dear. Lots of love ….

  2. Scugger
    Scugger says:

    I will say that I will miss not being in guild when doing these postings. I will miss when people whisper me for help to get gems cut or to just provide them one and just being able to keep up on guild goings on.

    • Alyzande
      Alyzande says:

      Until the Guild Perks made it sensible to keep the majority of my alts in one guild, I kept all my characters in separate guilds, and rotated which items which alt sold, so anyone attempting to track me for AH pvp would become disorientated in their hunt.

  3. Scugger
    Scugger says:

    Sage advice. I was using my JC to do all the postings rather than a Guild Bank Alt. This made sense at the time due to my limited supply of gems. I was cutting, listing, cancelling auctions and reposting about every 5 minutes and did not know what would be selling next. I kept the raw gem stock in the bag and cut on the fly. Now that things have cooled off I could bank 20 cuts of each pattern for an Alt to post from and just replenish them every hour or when supply gets low.

    Your suggestion definitely makes sense and will go a long way to reducing “guild aggro”.

  4. Atterana
    Atterana says:

    I think I know who you are talking about…and my main’s in the same guild as you guys btw. 🙂

  5. Scugger
    Scugger says:

    I was wondering if you could comment on a situation I have on my server. Although I did not plan for it, I jumped into selling gems and just about everything else I could after the 4.3 patch dropped. I have all professions except inscription but I was selling gems like hot cakes and quite a few leg armors and belt buckles. There have been several times when the supply of reds has dried up and prices rocketed up due to no supply. (up to a few brilliants I sold for $499 each). Now my guildmates are complaining that i am profiting at their expense and that they cannot sell anything to keep up with repairs. They also believe they have to buy gems from me at an inflated price and that I am manipulating the market to drive prices up. Believe me there are 15-25 active JC’s driving prices here and I am by no means a dominant player.

    How fo you handle this situation? Do i limit my sales to gems so that my guildies can sell everything else? What do I owe my mates? Free gems? I’ve given some away already but last night a co gm needed a delicate and agile and when I asked if he had anyting to trade he offered 2 pieces of silk cloth.
    I look forward to your thoughts.

    • Merve
      Merve says:

      I do not like the situation you are in. We have all been in it, what people don’t realize, if this is the game you enjoy. So who are they to take it away? You know there are 15 other sellers involved… They don’t.
      It seems like a basic problem of they know who your banker is. Are you using one of your mains to post? Always ALWAYS use a new toon specifically for banking. You will be able to have a guild bank all to yourself, as well as have the benefits of no one feeling ripped off.

    • Alyzande
      Alyzande says:

      Hi Scugger,

      I’ve always been the type to craft items for free for guild mates. They bring the mats, I give them 2-3s of my time clicking “craft”. I know my guild mates would craft for free in exchange for mats. I would ask strangers for a tip, or for a fee if it is an item with a possible large profit on the auction house. I’d exercise caution with trialists in guild asking for crafting of expensive items or rare items, and a little research can check if they want these to gear up or to undercut you on AH with your own free crafting. Once my guild mates give a trialist an “ok” and bump him or her to member, then I’d make everything free.

      The price of the raw gem is outside your influence, unless you can somehow supress the amount of ore spawning in the world and the amount of demand on your server *grin*. So if they need a gem for their gear, they can bring you the raw gem and you will cut it.

      If you find a guild member buying your gems on the AH, thump them and tell them to buy the raw instead and you’ll craft for free. Their better gear will help you when you do instances and raids together.

      If your guild mates want to sell gems alongside with you, then they will benefit by your control of the high prices. They could be making five times more than they were last month!

      Stranger: brings mats, pays for crafting.
      New guild mate/trialist: caution advised.
      Fellow guild mate: brings mats, free crafting.
      Friend: free gem and free crafting.

      • Catherine Brody
        Catherine Brody says:

        I usually end up doing things like enchants using my mats if I have them, it got to where I needed to do the enchants requiring maelstrom crystals. I would always here “I cant afford that” even though on my server they are between 150-200g…how can an 85 not afford those? I always tell anyone below 85 they dont want to spend the money to use a maelstrom crystal, in fact I tell them dont worry about enchants till you hit 85 cuz it will just be replaced anyways. I run a guild myself and my enchanter is in my dad’s guild, both him and I did not want to make me an officer because I was already a guild leader, so I spoke to him and told him I needed to be able to access the Officers tab since I was doing enchants and became the guild enchanter…now the guild provides the mats, the raiders (including myself on my main) put the enchanting mats in the bank., although I have one member who keeps his own mats and sends them to me with his list. It works perfectly =)

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