Use Dalaran to Access the WoW Auction House

I want to share with you an observation I’ve discovered.  I’ve writted “Dalaran is the new Exodar” as the title, and for anyone who chats to me regularly, you’ll know that my bankalts were previously parked in the Exodar for access to the Auction House.

The Exodar was quiet, lag-free, and the distance from the mailbox to the AH was the closest , before the patch where they introduced the new mailboxes.   I wasn’t constantly bothered by “wow, dude, how did you get so much gold? can you teach me?”  or “can you sell me some flasks/gems/scrolls” or “can you play my game for me, I’ll pay you” pests.   Frankly, they took away my time from actually making gold in the AH.

Buyers invariably want to chat.  AH just gives me the shinies!


I had access to the trade channel for advertising.

/2 Does your bf need more stamina? does your guild leader want to fill the socket in your pants? Come to Feb’s Gems or check AH now! Cheapest on server (etc etc etc)


There’s a bank nearby, and a short run of limited supply vendors, including the popular moth pets.  In short, Exodar was built for auction gold makers like myself!  But all that has changed.  Exodar now has a dozen other annoying bankalts with names like “disenchantbank”  or “petsupplies”, which totallly wind me up.

Dalaran is the new Exodar. Please take a moment to think about it:

  1. Dalaran is empty. No lag. No pests.
  2. There are 2 banks.  There are vendors galore, and trades trainers.
  3. A new steam-auctioneer mechano-thing creates a faction-specific AH.
  4. Which happens to have a vendor stood right next to it, perfect for buy-for-vendor snatches.
  5. And also happens to have a mailbox nearby.
  6. Access to trade channel.
  7. Did I mention its the only place to trade for your inferno inks?
  8. Ok, you can’t get back through a portal anymore, but you have a hearthstone, dont you?

Visit Dalaran using a Kirin Tor ring or the Jaina’s locket portal.  The investment is worth it.