Buyer’s Remorse

A reader emailed asking if I had experienced Buyers Remorse after buying the Swift Spectral Tiger Mount.



We get a lot of emails at The Gold Queen and although Community Manager Matojo answers where she can, sometimes the personal questions need a personal reply.

Did you really spent 1 mill gold on spectral tiger? They sell now on my server for 300k each. I’ve made a million gold in this expansion but recently my son decided to go on a shopping spree and bought himself a X-51 rocket mount for 135,000g when I went to the store to buy groceries.

Do you regret spending that much gold on one mount?



Yes I really did spend 800,000g on a swift spectral tiger. At the time that I bought it, it was a steal, 200,000g less than the usual price.

Since then, the prices have fallen very low due to Trading Card Game item duping, which has flooded the market.
You can see the effect this has had on the market at sites that map prices, like WoWuction

They’re listing as an average of 5-600,000g on the EU at the moment due to this duping.



I don’t have any regrets about paying for what I knew to be a genuine item.

It was something that I had wished for for 6 years, and it took a great deal of courage to spend it all in one go.

It wasn’t just that special mount that I bought that weekend in April. I also spent another 300,000g on gear and achievements that I knew would last me six months until Mists of Pandaria.

The “do you regret it”issue is a similar to a raiding issue I had recently. I was explaining where I got my T3 chest, and said that I raided Naxxramas with 40 people. The person I was explaining to simply laughed and said “you had to take 40 people into Naxx? I can go there with a few mates just to farm, you must be a real nub if you needed 39 others with you lol“.

So what I really paid for when I got my Swift Spectral Tiger was the opportunity to be one of the first on my server with the mount. I never need worry about saving up for him again. I’ve named him “Doug” by the way!!

Do you forgive your son yet for spending all that gold on your mount? I hope so, because it can take courage to spend a lot of gold on any one item.

Here comes the tweetable:

[quote]Sometimes we just need a little push to treat ourselves to something that we deserve. <– Click to Tweet this [/quote]


I love you Doug mwah mwah



The One That Got Away

I well remember the time the Swift Spectral Tiger came up for sale on my server for 750,000g, back at the beginning of 2012. Because every copper of my gold is earned the hard way, by farming, crafting, or AH sales, it took lots of courage to click “buyout” on that mount. I quivered for a few seconds before hitting the confirm button. Can you imagine my cries when the AH told me that the Swift Spectral Tiger was no longer for sale! Someone had actually bought it between the time I clicked “buyout” and “confirm”. omg.


Over to You

Have you ever had a mount or expensive item like that swiped from under your nose?

How much do you need to spend on an item before you start to experience buyer’s remorse?

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  1. wowtipper
    wowtipper says:

    Nice to see you quoted my email theGoldQueen 🙂

    I still having hard time recovering after my son spent 130k on a mount I did not even plan on buying any time soon. Someone suggested to me “Make your son farm you 130k gold back” but he’s still a child not even a teenager and making a kid farm is like having child slavery.

    I’ve been trying to do some glyph selling but oh boy! It’s like this forbidden market with it’s own sellers who’d push you out in a second. I ve been trying to sell 10 glyphs for 10 days now. Every single time when I list there’s a person named “Accounts” underbids my price by 1 copper. I ran to an Ah 5 times at one day, that’s 5 times in a row because I was outbid as soon as I’d post them. I just gave up and focused on doing something else.

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Hi, I didn’t want to use your name without permission so I posted it anon 🙂

      I have to admit to asking my own eldest son to “can you please just mill a few herbs I’ll be right back”, and he used to enjoy fishing for me back in The Burning Crusade when I was the only supplier of food in my guild. At least he enjoyed it, though 🙂

      I’m sorry you’re having such trouble with glyphs, I hope you can find an alternative market to break into until Accounts gets bored of scrolling on his TSM mousewheel!

  2. WowToast
    WowToast says:

    I became aware of a tiger on my realm from an add on our forums. They were selling it horde side and I am alliance. I could only offer 750k (it would cost me 830k or due to the AH cut) compared with people off the realm offering more. Eventually the guy selling it realised the non-realm people were not reliable and he sold it to me. It was literally all my money at the time but I was delighted since ever since I first saw that mount I had wanted it. It was what motivated me to make gold. It was so rare to even appear on our AH that I jumped at the chance to buy one.

    I love making gold, but I’m not one to horde it if there’s something I want. Otherwise what’s the point? I’m stocking up now for MoP for the Black Market AH and whatever BoEs that’ll drop in the new raids.

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      ” It was literally all my money at the time but I was delighted since ever since I first saw that mount I had wanted it.”

      I agree, sometimes you just have to stop amassing the gold coins and spoil yourself!

  3. Neothos
    Neothos says:

    I had similar ‘issues’ when I bought my Swift Spectral Tiger back during the tail end of Wrath. I paid 250,000 gold for it and haven’t regretted it in the slightest. I even went off and got the crimson deathcharger and white wooly rhino (both for 40k each when they where ‘new’. The Deathcharger was the first on the server and I only know 1 other person with the rhino.

    I am kicking myself for letting the epic rocket slip through my fingers. It was up for 165k or so. I had about 400k at the time, but didn’t want to spend that much at the time. I wish I did, I’ve not seen it since and I’ve been hunting it for quite possibly years.

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      I paid a small fortune for my swift spectral tiger, and I love him.

      Ok, sure, some people have now been able to get their mounts for less than I paid, but that’s no problem to me, I have my mount. I’m glad that they got lucky and got their mounts too!

      Have you tried posting on the realm forums asking for the epic rocket, because sometimes players from other realms search out buyers and might transfer it across.

      • Neothos
        Neothos says:

        That is indeed a great idea. Something I will look into after the madness of MoP release has finished. I can see many hundreds of thousands being spent on stuff for my friends (getting one of them a Yak as a random gift) and myself to speed level profs to take advantage of them.

        There was one guy offering to sell one on the forums thinking back but he wanted something in the region of 500k for it, which I felt was too much. It’s nice, but not that nice. Also saving for the black market to see if I can snag a ‘cheap’ Ashes. Could be interesting.

  4. Dave
    Dave says:

    Hi Queen! I really only experience buyer’s remorse when fate curses me shortly after a purchase… which is pretty much every time… I’m not talking about anything on the order of your Doug purchase… but I’m pretty quick to purchase the best gear at crazy prices just to be atop the ilvl charts… without fail, every time I spend stupid amounts on gear I get an equivalent drop the next raid… God hates me…

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      It’s one of those things that happens in WoW that you can either let it annoy you, or let it slip over your head and not worry about it.

      In real life, there would be an outcry if everyone sat their end of school exams, and worked hard and got their rewards, and the next year, those exams were given away free to students!

      In WoW, we just gotta bite our tongues!

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