Operation for TSM3 Vendoring

Trade Skill Master 3 now allows you to filter operations according to number of AH expires.

In my sell_greenies operation that I use to auction trash greens from the Salvage Yard, (see series on Salvage Yard Crate green armor sales) I set the maximum number of expires to 8.




But what do you do when your greenies haven’t sold?

You’ve tried to sell them 8 times.

They’re just sitting taking up space in your inventory.

You could just sell all of them to a vendor.

But they might be worth more gold if you disenchanted them.


Create this TSM 3 Vendoring Operation and connect it to your greenies group.

It vendors everything in the greenies group that

  1. has expired at least 8 times
  2. has a market value under 120g
  3. unless the disenchant value of the item (plus 30c for mailing costs to your alt) is higher than the vendor price.



Here is the TSM string for importing


Import it here


Vendoring your unsold auction items



Activate Super Vendoring Powers

Once you have linked the sell_crud vendoring operation to your greenies group, you activate it by

  1. heading to a vendor
  2. choose TSM_Vendoring on the bottom tabs
  3. open the TSM Groups top tab
  4. select the greenies group
  5. click ‘Sell Selected Groups




[box type=”warning”] There are only x buyback slots at a vendor, so go gently with this! Don’t accidentally set the expires at 0 and link it to your transmog group unless you want to vendor your entire transmog stock![/box]


You will have left in your bags

  • items that you didn’t group – group them
  • items that are worth over 120g – check for transmog worthiness
  • items that you can discenchant – send them to an enchanting alt/friend


Salvage Yard Armor TSM Auctioning Group

Here is my current Greenies TSM Group (Sept 14, 2015)



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  1. solshine
    solshine says:

    You might want to add, that all items with random enchantments need to be added to the group with individual enchantments, otherwise the max expires function won’t work. I didn’t know that when I was setting up my TSM3. Some items I imported from my transmog group, where all greenies were added with random enchantments ignored and I was struggling to figure out why it doesn’t work 100% time.

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