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What is an Addon?
An Addon is a small independent script which modifies and enhances World of Warcraft. There are addons for raiding (deadly boss mods), addons for changing your hotbar (bartender) and addons for the virtual economy, which help you organise professions, inventory and for making gold in the Auction House.  Curse Gaming provide a free client for easy addon management.

Is Trade Skill Master the first Addon I need for making gold in the Auction House?

The first addon to install is usually Auctioneer, which could be described as the first steps in using addons for gold making.

Trade Skill Master can be used alone, or as a second, intermediate level addon.


What is Trade Skill Master?

TSM is a suite of addon modules that can be used together or singularly. Using the modular approach allows the player to load only the parts they want, and decide how much memory they want to dedicate to the addon. The modular suite gives players control over the size of the addon.

TSM is still in Beta, and some modules are not yet completed. Others work very well and continue to be developed and improved.

Considering the age of the add on (TSM is only a few months old), TSM has very quickly become the essential addon for crafting, buying and selling in the Auction House.

Trade Skill Master is an upgrade from

  • Auction Profit Master
  • Scroll Master
  • Skillet
  • Kevtool Queue (KTQ)
  • Lil’ Sparkys Workshop
  • Altoholic
  • Snatch from Auctioneer




Soon finished posting the items with Trade Skill Master



What are the modules?

  • TradeSkillMaster CORE
  • Crafting
  • Auctioning
  • Mailing
  • Gathering
  • AuctionDB
  • Shopping
  • Networking
  • Housekeeping
  • Dealfinding
  • Destroying


First Steps in Trade Skill Master Modules

Crafting, Auctioning and Shopping modules all work very well together as a starting point. Players can view a list of their craftable recipes, and choose manually or automatically to generate a list of profitable items, up to their choice of maximum number of each.

At the Auction House, the Shopping module connects between the list of materials needed, and the materials available to buy. Checking the cost price, click to buy the materials, or skip to the next option.

With the materials now retrieved from the mail, go straight ahead with crafting the list of items and return to the Auction House to post.

Trade Skill Master allows fast posts of individual items. In the way the retired addon Auction Profit Master (APM) which was in itself an upgrade from Quick Auctions (QA) created groups of items, TSM also lets players group items together ready for pricing and auctioning. This works exceptionally well with glyphs, for example, where you are certain of a minimum price (perhaps around 25-35g each) and a maximum price (perhaps 80g or up to 200g depending on your personal preferences) and are sure of the amount by which you want to undercut.

Using the Macro

A brilliant new feature of Trade Skill Master is the ability to post individual posts using a macro which acts as click of the Auction button or the Cancel button. With the macro bound to a forwards or backwards ‘click’ of the mouse wheel, you can scroll back and forth with the mouse wheel in order to bulk post or bulk cancel when your items have been undercut and you need to repost.


From the Trade Skill Master FAQs

Our addon packages are designed to be fully compliant with Blizzard’s terms of service. We strive to provide you with an addon that will make things easier for you and improve your gaming experience. We will always be against use of any 3rd party hardware / software that violates Blizzard’s terms of service. We STRONGLY encourage any official blizzard representatives to get hold of us if there are any issues before blacklisting our addon.

It is no longer possible to post all your auctions with one click. Blizzard has deliberately blocked the ability to post multiple auctions. TSM makes the process of posting each individual item as fast as possible.


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Using TSM for specific situations

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Download Trade Skill Master

Trade Skill Master is part of the addons series

Please let me know if you know any more TSM links to include.



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