How many times have we heard this, or used this phrase to reply to someone who wondered how much gold we  could make and which is the best way?

Time management is integral to making gold, basically because we want to maximise our gold per hour, our bang-per-buck.

Our first lesson is, as Player Vs Auction House notes, why waste time doing boring and repetitive farming, searching for a single item that we need for something, when we can simply buy it on the AH.

He says “Since the AH has plenty at a subjectively reasonable price, if you really want to farm something, then farm something worth more – or easier to acquire – than Volatile Fire, sell it, and buy the Volatile Fire.”

Multitasking. Right now I’m writing an article at the same time as TSM is scrolling through my 1,000+glyphs searching for undercuts.

In the last few days, I’ve been cracking out over 5,000g per hour, every hour (which makes my pre-cataclysm 3.4k per day look pretty pathetic!)  And so my earnings are really only limited by how many hours I want to work on this. At 5 hours a day, say an hour on each of 5 characters/toons, that’s over 9 million gold a year.

You can buy a lot with 9 million gold

With gold becoming so plentiful in Cataclysm, and the goldcap now reaching to 1 million, it’s time for us to update our question of “how much gold do you have?”  to “how much gold can you make an hour?”

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