Starting Gold on World of Warcraft

There is no way I can measure my progress or achievements, successes or failures, without knowing my starting point. I can break this down to:

  1. Current gold
  2. Value of auctions currently on AH
  3. Value of items in bags (sometimes known as Looted Items Value LIV or Assets Value)


Current Gold

I have to start with calculating this amount because it is the easiest to find.  Because I use Altoholic addon  First we check “all realms, this account”Then look further down and you can see the current total.

This is the amount of liquid currency I keep on my characters, so they are able to buy any item they need, in order to craft or resell.

Value of Auctions in AH can be determined by going through each character that has auctions, doing a TSM “Auctioning” “start post scan”, and checking the “total value of your auctions” at the top.
Value of items in bags.
These aren’t so immediately to estimate, but I’m sure there is an addon out there that will calculate it for me! Just a question of finding it and letting you know 🙂
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