How To Keybind the TSM4 Macro to your Mouse Scroll Wheel

TSM4 is now in the beta stage and I am lucky enough to have a testing copy.  (It’s meant to be for testing, I mostly just break it by accident.)

TSM, Trade Skill Master, is famous for its ability to post items on the Auction House at super fast speeds. In TSM4 luckily the famous Mouse Scroll Wheel Macro set up still works!


How To Keybind the TSM4 Macro to your Mouse Scroll Wheel

Once you have TSM4 installed, open Trade Skill Master with the /tsm command

Where is the TSM4 Mouse Scroll Wheel Macro Keybind setup

“Where is the TSM4 Mouse Scroll Wheel Macro Keybind setup?”

Click the Settings button at the top right hand side

A menu appears on the left hand side: General Settings, Tooltip Settings, Accounting, Auctioning, Destroying, Inventory/Mailing, Custom Sources, Crafting, Macros, Shopping / Sniper, Vendoring, Help & Info

We want Macros. Click this tab to open it.

TSM4 Mouse Scroll Wheel Macro Keybind setup


You have two choices to make.

  1. Bound Actions: Which buttons would you like keybound to the mouse scroll wheel?
  2. Configuration Scroll Wheel: What modifiers would you like to add. Modifiers are what you hold down while you move the scroll wheel. This ensures that TSM isn’t activated when you use the mouse scroll wheel normally, for example zooming in and out.

In this example, I have chosen to add Shopping Buyout, Crafting Craft Next, Vendoring Sell All, Auctioning Post/Cancel.  I’ve not selected My Auctions Cancel, Sniper Buyout button and Destroying Destroy Next button.  My modifier is Control.  My mousewheel will activate the macro when scrolled up or down, and the control button held down.

You can choose whichever of the Bound Actions that you prefer.


Go ahead and click to create the Macro.  I already have the macro created, so TSM4 prompts me to Update Existing Macro instead.

Give it a few clicks, just for good measure and make sure the macro is created.


What can the Mouse Scroll Wheel Macro Keybind do for you today?

Post Auctions

Cancel Auctions

Destroy (mill/prospect/disenchant)

Buyout from your shopping search



TSM4 Posting on Auction House

Use the scroll wheel to post in bulk to the Auction House for all your Groups that have Auctioning operations.

TSM Destroy

(Prospecting, Milling)


TSM Crafting

Use the mouse wheel macro to Craft Next in the Crafting Queue.  Once you’ve added some items to your crafting queue, and you’ve gathered the materials, scroll your mouse wheel to Craft Next.


TSM Auctions Buyout

Everyone has experienced the idiot who posts 500 stacks of herbs/ore/cloth/leather in singles, requiring our aching fingers to click-click-click-click to buy out all the items.

With TSM4 Mouse Wheel Scroll Macro, you can buy out those 500 singles with your mouse wheel keybound to the Buyout button.

[bctt tweet=”With TSM4 Mouse Wheel Scroll Macro, you can buy out 500 single posts in a few seconds!” username=”thegoldqueen”]

Warning: Free Spinning Mouse Wheel Buyout is not recommended.  You could end up buying much more than you intended.  Keep your mouse wheel under control!



To find out more about TSM4

  • Make an account at
  • Chat with the TSM devs at TSM Discord
  • Find out more about the TSM4 Beta
  • Watch my livestream and ask questions at

I hope I helped you. If I did, let me know. I’m on twitter @thegoldqueen


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