How To Check Profitable Mats on Wowuction

You’ve heard of the Undermine Journal, but do you know about Wowuction?!

Wowuction has been around for a long time, and is a perfect complement to the Undermine Journal.

Whenever someone asks me which is the “best” profession in World of Warcraft (trick question, they’re all great for goldmaking!) I can refer them to this website.

Today you can see it’s Alchemy > Engineering > Jewelcrafting by volume in the AH.

We’ll be able to check back after Battle for Azeroth launches and find out how it has changed.

Here is today’s snapshot of the biggest markets in US servers


Hunt Down Bargains on Wowuction

Looking for a bargain? There are results to sift through from armor, weapons, recipes, mounts and battle pets.

Here are today’s potential bargains for patterns/recipes on Ravencrest.  Wowuction even helpfully tells you whether item is a drop of from a vendor.  So when you’re assessing whether a bargain is really a bargain, you can be careful not to buy items you could pick up from a vendor.

You get bonus points if looking at those two vendor items makes you want to go pick them up and put them on the AH right now

Wowuction Crafting Materials Guide

Not just for flipping, Wowuction can help with your professions too, with really easy quick advice like this:

Arcanite Champion, Folded Obsidium, all looking good there.

Let’s take Arcanite Champion and easily check on the price over time. Looks like it’s on its way up


Crafting Materials on

If you’re a blacksmith, maybe you’re also a miner.  Let’s find out which is the highest recommended ore or bars to sell.

Looks like Living Steel is recommended here. Click on the name of the material to be taken to an overview.  With an estimated posted per day, an estimated sold per day, you can get an idea of the demand, and therefore possibly how long it might take to sell your own Living Steel.  Today’s stats say there is an average of 508 posted per day, but today there is only 408. For trade materials we know that supply and demand can and do affect prices.

Perhaps Living steel prices change on this realm according to the day of the week?  You might expect, for example alchemy flasks to sell well on raid nights. Is there any particular day that is best for selling Living Steel?

Looks like almost twice as many sell on Sunday compared to Tuesday! There’s something you didn’t know ten minutes ago.


Perhaps you want to know exactly why Living Steel costs so much? You can check the products, and their prices.  Open the Living Steel page by searching for it, and click ‘products’

I’ve ordered them by price.

Those prices are huge! No wonder it costs so much.

Video Guide to Wowuction

Need a video guide for Wowuction?

You might recognise the lady who made this vid *jokey wink*





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