Building a 30,000g Passive Income with Inscription – Part 4

Restock your inventory

You have a list of glyphs you want to make.  Now you want to know how many to make of each in order to reach your stock limit, and which herbs to buy to mill them, how much to pay, and what is the cheapest and quickest way to do it.


How to ramp up to a stock of 20 stacked glyphs of each type

In the first week, set your restocking amount in TSM to 2.

In the next week, increase the amount to 3.  You should now have enough for 2 of every glyph in the market, and start to work towards one spare glyph of each type stocked in your bank.

Continue to increase your TSM restocking amount until you can reach 20.

I suggest you only increase your restocking amount by one at a time, to allow yourself time and space to buy new herbs, mill and turn them into ink then glyphs.  By taking it one step at a time, you will proceed towards your goal.





Don’t forget to press return after entering the number, in order to register and save it into TSM.


How to buy the herbs

Remember that we were aiming for 6g per ink, 18g per glyph?  When you open Shopping tab at the Auction House with TSM, you can order the prices of the items by “price per target item”.  When your target item is a single ink, and we’re aiming for 6g each, then just buy herbs that would create inks for less than 6g.  It is not important how much per herb you pay, it is important how much per ink you pay.

1. Open your Inscription profession window

2. Change to TSM Groups tab

3. Choose the group. (Glyphs)


4. Click Restock Selected Groups

5. Open Show Queue >> and check that the glyphs have been listed  << Hide Queue if you wish.

6. Click the Gather Tab. In the pane that pops up, Choose your scribe, choose Inscription, click Start Gathering

7. This Gathering pane pops up, with Available Sources.


8. Head to the AH. Click the Shopping tab on the very bottom left.

9. In that Gathering pane, in the Current Source green text on bottom left hand side, choose the first ink for which you need to buy herbs.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

10. The Auction House will fill with potential sources (ie herbs, pigments or maybe ready-made ink).

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

11. Click the top of the Price Per Target Item in order to sort potential purchases.  Remember, we’re looking for herbs that will make ink where the ink will cost less than 6g to make.

12. Click each item and Buyout.  If you have your scroll wheel set to the TSM macro you can buyout faster, but it’s still ok to purchase with clicks instead of scrolls.

[box type=”info”] /click TSMAuctioningCancelButton

/click TSMAuctioningPostButton

/click TSMAHConfirmationActionButton

/click Atr_Buy_Confirm_OKBut [/box]

For More on Mouse Scroll Wheel buying, check the Consortium Forums 



How to mill the herbs

TSM allows one click milling.  It is not possible to mill all herbs at once.  Blizzard wants Warcraft players to input one click for one action.

/TSM Destroy if the destroying window does not show up.  If you don’t use TSM, and just want to use a macro then your macro is

[box] /cast milling

/use [name of herb]

/use [name of another herb][/box]


Type /TSM destroy to bring up this window.


Make your ink

Once your pigment is made, you make your ink, then make the glyph. Open Inscription.


Make the Glyph

Click Show Queue >>

Craftable Glyphs, glyphs for which you have gathered the mats and made the right inks, will show up as green.  Those which are queued for more than 1 glyph but you only have enough mats for some of the requested glyphs, show up blue.  Those still waiting for mats show up in red.


What if there are no right herbs in the AH?

You can trade inks at the ink trader. I recommend trading inks by hand instead of using the TSM Gather function because TSM can try and buy some of the cheaper inks with your Warbinder’s Ink (WoD ink).  You want to get the best trade for your ink, so trade your Warbinder’s Ink in for the most expensive ink (eg Celestial, Ink of Dreams, Ethereal).  This way, if there is a shortfall, then you can make up the rest of your cheap ink (eg Moonglow, Lion’s, Midnight) from cheap herbs (eg peacebloom) or at a push go farm those easy-to-farm herbs just outside your capital city.


Mr Alliance Ink Trader in SW




Next part:

Part 5 Posting, cancelling, reposting, and storing extra glyphs in your guild bank with TSM /tsm bankui

Today’s guide made possible by knowledge gathered from many sources, including from the Consortium, Faid’s Clockwork Riot, and Phat Lewt’s TSM2 guides

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  1. Debnoc
    Debnoc says:

    I’m not having any luck when I go to pick up herbs or inks to craft. Did I miss the setting up of the shopping operation? Help! Thanks.

    • Cat
      Cat says:

      Sometimes you also need to be patient, I found that sometimes the herbs are not there in the ah., so I need to go farm some. IN which case I have a high level herbalist wh ois horde, my inscription is ally so I have a friend who helps me transfer the stuff over. 😉

      • Debnoc
        Debnoc says:

        I figured out what I was doing wrong. Helps if you push the “Gather’ button hard enough. :0

        Thanks for your help. 😉

  2. The Gold Queen
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    Update re: part 5 just mailed out to blog-by-email subscribers. Delayed due to IRL / $$$$

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    Cant wait for part 5.

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    made all groups in tsm

    stocked up.

    cant wait for the next part 🙂

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      Hello Webdonkey, hope I managed to answer this during today’s livestream. However, do prod me (I’m a forgetful, busy queen) to post this for everyone else, please.

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        Fantastic help as usual. I need a bigger shovel raking in that gold.

        Awesome noob friendly guide.

        thanks again ! <3

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    Can you do one on if your low level inscription? Mine is not even level 10 yet…but I would like to know how to make gold out of it being low level?

    • The Gold Queen
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      Most glyphs can make at least a small profit Cat. Hope you can set it up to work for you.

      • Cat
        Cat says:

        I actually found if I do the research daily then I get to learn a new glyph & get to sell that glyph, even if for 14g it still racks up 😉 and will go towards my goal of 500k by the end of next month

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