Bid on the WoW Auction House

Server Maintenance is once a week, 03:00 early Wednesday morning in the EU, and 3am PST early Tuesday morning for North American servers.


Why Bid?

Bids are almost a leftover from the days when the Auction House times were 30m, 2h and 6h (or is my memory failing me? I’m getting old!) and bidding was encouraged on items, rather than buyouts.

Players would often engage in bidding wars, similar to eBay, with only a short period of time in which to make increasing bids for a wanted item.

Now that the auction times are longer, the majority of items are sold with Buyout prices, and items posted with Auction House Addons are around 95% bid price. But you can find much lower bids offered by players who don’t use addons.

Bidding before servers go down means that the servers are down when the item expires, and because no one is online and able to Buyout the item, you are likely to be successful with your bid.


Which items to bid on in the World of Warcraft AH

There are a variety of places to find out which are the best deals on your auction house.  My favourite is – I’m biased because I wrote the guide for them, and proud of it.  Also you can check out the Trade Skill Master website.

Alternatively, you should have already created several Snatch Lists.  These are shopping lists you can find on the internet with your google-fu, to use with either TSM or with Auctionator.  I have a preference for buying with Auctionator snatch lists.


Shout out to Olivia Grace with gratitude for the retweet.


I shouted a reminder on twitter @thegoldqueen

What will you get?

You can find items for sale at much reduced prices that can be flipped (buy low, sell high) for many many times their bid prices.

You may also find some patterns, and some old content items that have been dumped by less skilled players.


  • Battleforged Girdle.  
  • Market Value 234g.
  • Price for buyout 50g.
  • Price for Bid: ONLY 2g.


Bid low, sell high.



I admit that I rarely remember to put a pre-maintenance bidding spree on the AH.  So I’m feeling a little smug that I remembered.  If you remember in time, you too can get these super cheap items to add to your sales inventory. If you do remember, can you come by Twitter and remind me? 

Good luck, and let me know how you get on!

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