Tome of Illusions is new to Patch 7.0

They are learned, crafted and sold by Enchanters.

Players who buy the Tomes will learn the weapon enchant appearances for transmog.

Players with the learned weapon illusion appearances can change the look of their weapon enchant look at a transmogrification NPC.

Material cost of the transmog pieces are high right now due to high demand for the crafted tomes.


Enchanters can learn the Tome of Illusions at their normal enchanting trainer except for three tomes.

1: Tome of Illusions: Draenor.  Take one ‘secrets of draenor enchanting’ to your enchanting trainer in Warspear / Stormshield in Draenor.

2: Tome of Illusions: Secrets of Shado Pan. buy from Rushi the Fox at Shado Pan Garrison, Pandaria. Requires Revered reputation.



3: Most difficult to obtain is the Tome of Illusions Elemental Lords

For this enchant, you need to complete a quest which starts at Therazane in Deepholm.

You will need:

  • Remnant of Fire from Ragnaros in Firelands
  • Remnant of Air from Al’kir in Throne of the Four Winds
  • Remnant of Water from Neptulon in Throne of the Tides
  • and revered with Therazane.

Tome of Illusion Prices range from 75,000g EACH down to 1,500g.  Still an awesome profit.

Here, The Undermine Journal shows the price of Tomes slowly decreasing as the supply increases.


How to get Tome of Illusion materials

Once you have learned the Tomes, the materials can be found using farming best practices across Azeroth:

Disenchanting soulbound weapons and armor that you have now learned and

To check if your items are learned, use the addon “Can I Mog It” downloadable from Curse


Search for items on the Auction House that can be disenchanted into shards and crystals for cheaper than materials cost. Use the Trade Skill Master shopping tab “crafting” option.  Sort by target price per item.


Look through all your banks and reagent banks.

For Draenor gems, don’t forget that you can prospect white and black trillium.  If you have an alchemist with transmute spec, it can be a good idea to prospect ghost iron ore instead, and send the small gems to your alchemist to transmute with golden lotus.


For primals, head to Dealer Najeeb in Stormspire and use my cross-realm jump no-farm methods

Sha crystals can be extremely pricely.


Sha crystals

The prices of Sha Crystals increases as the supply dries up.


image is from

For Sha Crystals, head to Timeless Isle and farm the rares there for armor tokens. Convert these tokens to armor, and disenchant.

Use a server hop / cross realm addon to jump from server to server to get to the rares quicker and save you having to wait on respawns.

While you are there, check out some of the other Timeless Isle goodies you can find. 



Other rare materials you might need, such as Essence of Water, it’s a good idea to search for the item on WoWhead, and check whether the item is easily farmable, or whether your time is best spent on farming something else to pay for the purchase of materials in the Auction House.



Good Luck with your sales, let me know how you do.  You can always email me, or find me chatting on twitter or on our facebook page.

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  1. Hal
    Hal says:

    Tips for farming Shado-Pan reputation, if your enchanter isn’t revered yet (like mine):

    1) If you have any characters at Revered with Shado-Pan, be sure to purchase a Grand Commendation of the Shado-Pan ( from the rep vendor Rushi the Fox ( This boosts Shado-Pan rep gain for all characters on your account by 100%.
    2) Instead of doing dailies, you can farm War-God Dokah on the Isle of Giants (north of Kun-Lai Summit). Realm hopping via the group finder or an addon (, for example) will speed up the process.

    Hal of Stormwind-US

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