I’m seeing prices on all the glyphs collapse back down towards their pre-rush prices.


Please bear this in mind though:

  • Pre-rush prices include some expensive glyphs.  You can still make gold with glyphs by making these ones and selling them at high prices.  Please don’t be an idiot and push the prices down for ordinary decent hard-working folk like me 🙂
  • Demand is still above average.  Prices are still above 10g each  You can still make a profit with the mediocre glyphs.
  • Cost of making glyphs is now 3 x ink per glyph.  That’s higher than normal. Instead of costing negligible values, please factor in crafting costs when you work out your selling prices.
  • Don’t flood the market.  Keep posting only 2-3 glyphs of each type.
  • Start to build up a picture of the new value and selling price of each glyph.
  • Use your quick auctions successor (auction profit master / zeroauctions) to keep a record of which glyphs need crafting.
Supporting the glyph market by posting mine at 40-60g each has helped keep the market from collapsing to 5g per glyph.  I’m seeing quite a few at 20-30g.  It’s held the market up for another 24-36 hours longer than expected, but now I just want my profit.  I will now sell for 20g per glyph and be happy with it.  This is the time when I will post approx 1,000 glyphs at 20g each. Maybe 30g if I’m lucky. I’m also posting at 12h buyouts instead of 48h. I want these suckers sold now.
Glyph of Mage Armor is likely to be patched/hotfixed.  Sell, slowly but surely, at a good high price each.