How to Get the Steelbound Harness Recipe

In patch 7.03,  Blizzard introduced a new crafting mount that could be sold on the Auction House

The profession of blacksmithing had never received a mount to sell of their own.

With the introduction of the Steelbound Harness World of Warcraft, Blacksmiths were given a new gold making revenue stream.


First:  Obtaining the Steelbound Destroyer Pattern

There are only a few requirements for obtaining the pattern for the Steelbound Harness.

  • Player level 110 or higher (now that BFA is introduced)
  • Max Blacksmithing for Legion

After you have these met then you need an Instance run through The Night hold to get a kill on Tichondrius on normal setting or higher
(it is a 100% drop as long as the player is a blacksmith and is at maximum blacksmithing level

There are many guilds making pay per raid runs that go between 10,000 and 25,000g.   Good investment to obtain the recipe if you’re not
able to find a pickup group or guild raid group.

Second: Gathering the Materials for your Steelbound Harness Pattern

After obtaining the pattern, it becomes a matter of collecting the materials.

–  100 Demonsteel Bars    (Combination of 2 Felslate + 1 Leystone ore) or from the auction house
–  50 Blood of Sargaras     (Obtained via gathering materials or from world quests)
–  10 Infernal Brimstone  (Gathered by miners or from auction house)
–  10 Felhide                       (Gathered by skinners or from auction house)


Third:  Learn the Pattern and Selling on the Auction House

After learning the recipe,  the player learns to ride the awesome looking Mount the Steelbound Devourer



The power of this craft is that it is BOE.  So you can learn it for yourself,  or sell it on the AH for Big Profits

Look at what the Twitterverse has to say

Here comes the Tweetable

[bctt tweet=”I’m going to craft and sell a Steelbound Harness for a large profit” username=”thegoldqueen”]


25,000g- 35,000g

Adding one or two of these to your auction house rotation can add 25,000 to 35,000g into your virtual bank account.









Are you prepared to craft more profits with your Steelbound Harness pattern?

With the end of the Legion in sight,  players are running the harder difficulties of instances more and more.

Get geared up, grab a pickup or guild group to gather in your pattern.

Now is the time to get your Steelbound Harness Recipe on your Blacksmith and profit

TGD signing off
Good Luck and Good Gold Hunting


About The Gold Dragon

The Gold Dragon is part of The Gold Queen’s royal court.  He began making gold his way in Azeroth 8+ years ago. Soon he took his menagerie of crafters and gatherers all the way to the legion HQ and beyond.  I’ve always believed in helping people if they ask and showing people that you do not have to be a Goblin Engineer to make gold in World of Warcraft. Many of the lessons I’ve learned in obtaining gold in WoW I’ve also adapted to my personal life. I have gained and spent over 8 million gold. Spending on personal items and helping my guildmates. Dancing on Azerothian mailboxes for gold tips is just a hobby.  I believe that everyone can make gold if they want to!

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  1. Elkagorasa
    Elkagorasa says:

    There are a number of players actively working on their Balance of Power quest to get artifact appearances. Nighthold is one of the final/major components of this quest chain, so if you go soon, you shouldn’t have any problems finding a raid group.

    • Gold Dragon
      Gold Dragon says:

      Yes there is. I also expect people to be possibly running it after the pre patch for transmog and just for the fun of it.

      At some point it will also be able to be soloed (probably at 120). But to get maximum opportunities I agree with getting the pattern now
      Instead of later. Plus also saving the mats (the 50 BoS).

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