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Buy Ink of Dreams now

Tip for Scribes from Dale of Shattered Hand (EU)

[quote]Just a little tip from my own server. Many people obviously haven’t read that the Ink vendor will be switching back to Ink of Dreams for ink buying again soon (next week?).

Currently, Ink of dreams sell for under 2g each on my server. I have bought over 4000 of them at this price, and will be able to either exchange them for Starlight inks to make darkmoon cards, or use them for making glyphs really cheaply.

Buy them now, and stock up for when the vendor goes back to “MoP” mode next week. Even if you buy them to flip, you should more than treble your money! :-)[/quote]

Thanks Dale. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who noticed that you can swap Blackfallow Ink for all the other inks and wondered when the Ink of Dreams would become useful. I even wondered if it might become Fools Gold, like the Pyrite Ore of Cataclysm!



Buy Ink of Dreams now

Buy the cheap Ink of Dreams now in preparation for the ink trader changes. If you still have Blackfallow Ink in your bags or bank (double check your guild bank/s on your alts) then trade it in for Ink of the Sea today.


Blackfallow Trade In

You have a few hours left to buy cheap Cataclysm herbs and mill them as farmers frantically undercut each other to get rid of their stock. Good luck.

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