How can you craft Shadowlands Legendary items for profit?

Do you want to easily see which legendary base item to craft on your tailor, leatherworker, or blacksmith?

Grim-veiled, Umbrahide, Boneshatter, and Shadowghast armor can all be crafted at ranks 1-4. At each rank, they cost a different amount of each type of materials.

Shadowghast ingot, Enchanted Elethium Bar, Enchanted Heavy Callous Hide, Heavy Callous Hide, Heavy Desolate Leather, Desolate Leather, Pallid Bone, Shrouded Cloth, Enchanted Lightless Silk, Lightless Silk, plus Luminous Flux and Orboreal Shards. Measuring the costs of crafting each item is a lot to take in, but then it gets even more complicated with each different amount of rank for each item. Instead of 8 pieces of armor to craft, you are making 8 pieces multiplied by 4 different ranks.

The current prices on your server for each rank is hard to keep track off too. If one of the items at two of the ranks is very profitable today, but tomorrow it is lossmaking, you must be prepared to change your crafting routine.

With this in mind, I began to make a spreadsheet. Envisioned a system where you can input the current costs of the materials on your realm, the current selling price of the crafted items, and see which ranks are profitable. Ross Felix, aka DatingRev on twitter, stepped in to finish the work with his excel skills. He has now crafted a spreadsheet that will tell you

Which legendary crafted items are profitable today??

At which rank?

How to use the Shadowlands Legendary Item Spreadsheet

  1. Open the sheet with the link above
  2. Click File >> Make a Copy. DO NOT edit the master template, you could mess it up for everyone else!
  3. Once you have your copy, you can begin editing.
  4. In World of Warcraft, open your Auction House. In the plain, no addon Auction house Buy tab, search for the first item, say “Shadowghast Armguards” that you want to craft.
  5. Take note of the prices for each level: 190, 210, 225 and 235.
  6. Input those prices into the AH Prices tab (The tabs are at the bottom of the screen)
  7. Now search for the materials you need to create the items. Leatherworkers only need to search for desolate leather etc, not for blacksmithing ingots.
  8. Input materials prices in the Mats & Prices tab
  9. Go to the Profit Worksheet tab and pull down top left hand corner which type of item you want info, eg plate, leather?
File >>Make a Copy
Search for “Shadowghast Armguards” in buy tab. Take note of 190, 210, 225 and 235

How To Read the Shadowlands Legendary Profit Spreadsheet

This does not take into account the costs of relisting an item, nor the AH cut when it sells. You should add those into the profit margins as usual.

Once you have inputted the data for today’s materials and crafted items, you can check the Profit Worksheet tab to see which items are profitable.

Here are some of the legendaries that I’ve sold recently. over 2 million gold on leather items.

I hope the spreadsheet also helps you make sales!

Love from, Gold Queen

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