Blood of Sargeras – an update

A Blizzard Games Designer responded to players’ protests on the World of Warcraft forums today.

Hi friends – I just wanted to chime in that in the next beta build you should see more Blood of Sargeras dropping from non-tradeskill sources (dungeons, in particular).
First of all, I should express my gratitude that designers noted the problems and attempted to make a compromise situation.

Unfortunately, it makes only a small difference.

What does this Blood of Sargeras change mean?

  • World quests are still awarding 2 blood per completion
  • Gathering is still awarding blood that you cannot gain from crafting professions.
  • Dual Gatherers, Dual crafters, Tailor/Enchanters, are still handicapped compared to a gatherer-crafter character. 
  • However, they are slightly less handicapped compared to before.
  • Players spending time gathering can’t spend that time running dungeons.
  • We do not know, yet, how much Blood of Sargeras will drop in dungeons or by other means.


Continuing problems

If you have a dual crafter such as an Engineer/Leatherworking, you will still get less than a skinner/leatherworker or a miner/engineer.

Unless the dungeon drops per hour become equal to gathering drops per hour (and even then, non gatherers are forced into dungeons in all their spare time) then gather-crafters will continue to have an unfair advantage.



As a reminder, Blizzard want to reward players who have invested in their professions, but it seems that if you have invested in the wrong professions, then you are going to be at a disadvantage.

Players have been offering constructive rather than angry feedback. This makes me proud of the community.  The constructive feedback seems to be heard, and we may get a further change.  If this happens, then I will of course keep you up to date.



If you have dual gathering, drop one gathering and pick up a crafting profession and level it with cheap Warlords of Draenor mats now.

If you have dual crafting, be aware that you may need to make a choice in the future whether to trust in your ability to complete world quests and dungeons, or whether to dump one of your crafting professions to pick up a gathering profession.  You may need to weigh up the cost of relearning that deleted crafting profession on another character, and whether your patterns are even available or affordable.

If you have alchemy, please also watch this space and read up on any Legion Alchemy threads you find on other blogs. The Blood you get from your transmute may well be useful in creating Obliterum for upgrading gear.

If you are a tailor/enchanter, watch this space, as your problem has not yet been addressed.



Continue to highlight the problem with @warcraftdevs on twitter, and if you have Legion Beta access, add your opinion on the forums here.


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