Making Gold from Blackrock Depths

BRD will make you rich. Blackrock depths was one of my favourite instances in vanilla original World of Warcraft. My English “Blitz spirit” or +stamina meant that I could go the whole distance through to Emperor Thaurrissan and the old Jailbreak alliance Onyxia attunement run. In WOTLK, BRD was a favourite of engineers who needed Schematic Field Repairbot 74A (found on the floor near the boss in the golem foundry) in order to progress to making Jeeves repair bot. Cataclysm found BRD taking a decline in interest as gold gamers parked characters in front of the AH npcs without moving, concentrating on arbitrage, shuffling and flipping.


Schematic Heaven

As well as the repairbot schematic, other engineering schematics drop from mobs throughout the zone. World Enlarger, Gnomish Alarm-O-bot, Dark Iron Rifle and Goblin Jumper Cables.

The Schematic: Deadly Scope

A resellable pattern. Buy for 30s from Yuka Screw Spigot just inside the entrance, and sell for 20-30g on the Auction House.


Grim Guzzler

Plugger Spazzring

Plugger drops some greens and useful stuff when you kill him, but before you do, please clear out his inventory.

He sells:

  • Dark Iron Ale Mug.  Buy all you can and pick up all the ones on the table. Sell them in a pack of 2 during the darkmoon faire for players who want to collect the Jubling pet.
  • Sulfuron Slammer. Fun/novelty drink that blasts your drinking companions with a mouthful of fire.  Occasionally sells in AH.
  • Pattern Black Dragonscale Breast Plate. Buy for 2g20s, sell for 50g or up to 100g, again this depends on your tenacity and finding a ‘collector’ leatherworker who wants every pattern.

Sulfuron Hammer

Thorium Brotherhood guy in Grim Guzzler BRD will sell you a sulfuron hammer pattern in return for a sulfuron ingot (drops from golemag the destroyer in Molten Core).  The patterns can be sold on AH for between 3-5,000g depending on your tenacity. If your character is a blacksmith, you can sell the actual crafted item for anything up to 50k.


Blackrock Rare

The Behemoth patrols the grinding quarry in front of BRD entrance. He drops Vilerend Slicer which sells for about 30-40g at the moment. Slap him on the way into BRD.


Lost in the Depths?

Blackrock Depths was difficult to navigate, and was especially so for me as someone who still gets lost in the cave-of-dailies in Deepholm.  Blizzard now gives you an instance map.  However, I found that this flowchart map of Blackrock Depths used at wowwiki was much simpler to understand.


I hope you will take some time to visit BRD today and make some profit.  BRD can also be a relaxing place as a solo level 85, after the hustle and bustle of the AH and Cataclysm zones, so give it a try today.

twitpiAbout the Author

The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 10 garrisons, 16k achievements, 1505 days played, and over 18m gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

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  1. Darkfriend337
    Darkfriend337 says:

    Have you soloed Molten Core for profit? Its amazing, around 300g+ in gold off bosses/vendore drops, chance at blue patterns which sell quite good, a 33% chance a week chance at an ingot, and chances at blood of the mountain, which goes for 1-2k on my server, plus a few blues off rag and a chance at the eye for the legendary! Takes around 40mins to solo too.

  2. Kuja
    Kuja says:

    I love farming older instances. So much profit pontential in those. And soloing elites is always fun, especially if you do it while they still are green/yellow to you. Though raids give even more gold!

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Hi Kuja, and ‘welcome’.
      I don’t always love doing old instances, but I think it’s important to mix things up now and again, for example an hour of AHing, half an hour farming, some crafting, then an old instance or some dailies, because otherwise it would get BORING. I’m envious of your courage to go attack those green/yellow elites, although I admit to an occasional Violet Hold soloing on a very slow night. Been there? It’s virtually calling out to you if you set your hearth in Dalaran.

  3. Stede
    Stede says:

    Was really hoping to see some info on whether this was solo’able or not (I don’t think it is). If it’s not – how far can you get via solo’ing, and how many people would you need, at a minimum for a full clear.

    Farming old instances is a great way for me to unwind – would love to see more posts on that topic – not enough of them in the blogosphere.

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Hi Stede thanks for chipping in. I was stealthing and duoing *some* of it at 60, which you had to do if you wanted the molten core attunement QUICK, and I was soloing BRD at 80, although not sure if the entire thing was solo-able at 70. You should be able to play muder-by-winking at the bosses at 85 🙂

      Are there any instances that you particularly dont like to solo? I used to hate gnomeregan for example but like it now. Marudon though is a no-no.

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