Typical Glyph Prices

60k hello

That’s how much I’m sitting on right now in pure profit from the last 3 days work. At an roughly average rate of 20k per day, I’ve now made a 60,000g profit in glyphs on one server alone.

I’m not expecting to make any more than 5,000g today on glyphs, because I have been seeing a lot of complete idiots undercutting on glyphs by as much as 40g, taking prices from 40-50g down to 5-6g each. I’ve been posting mine back up at 45-50g each with a 48 hour time out purely to support the market. I’m now seeing a return on this, as the idiots make their 3g profit each and leave AH, and the less stupid push their prices back up to a sensible 30-40g per glyph. I’m now in a position to lightly undercut them and post mine for a profitable sale at 30-40g per glyph.

I’m satisfied with the 60k on this server, especially bearing in mind I still have a lot of glyphs still left to sell which will over time net me another 50-100k worth as I am patient with selling them instead of selling at stupid undercut prices.

I’d like to take this opportunity to extend a warm “thank you” to the nabs who are selling their glyphs at 5g each in an excited leap of panic selling. I bought them all and have either sold them for 40g each, or will do so in the next day or two. Muhahaha *cackle*

Typical Glyph Prices

Typical Glyph Prices

In other news, I had a “Christmas” moment, when I peeked in my level 1’s bank and found pack of endless pockets FULL of glyphs I had not posted. Woohoo! Gold, come to Mamma!

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