Demon Hunter Launch

Demon Hunters are entering the World of Warcraft on August 9th.

Players have been preparing by picking names for their new characters, and reading up on Demon Hunter leveling specs and abilities.

Many players have bought bags in advance, which has contributed to a volatile hexweave bag market.

But most players have not made themselves a full preparation pack and you can profit from this.


Demon Hunter Preparation Pack

Tenny @tenneiyl on Twitter has made their own Demon Hunter Pack, which gives you an idea what to put into it:

“Okay now I’m really done. Food, first aid, bags & LW – plus pots, flasks. No hp pots coz I’ll craft those. #Warcraft”


image: @tenneiyl


What to sell in your Demon Hunter Prep Pack


Cooking: Demon hunters can level their cooking using the fish flesh from your recent fishing spree in the garrison. Sell them 3-4 stacks of each fish.  You could add in a few vendor recipes to sweeten the deal.

Fishing: One stack of shiny baubles, one stack of bright baubles, one strong fishing rod.  All purchasable from vendor.

Archaeology: Warlords of Draenor Archeology pieces Draenor Clan Orator Cane, Ogre Missive, Arakkoa Cipher.  1-2 stacks of each.

Crafting: 10+ stacks of raw materials: Tailors need Sumptuous Fur;  Leatherworkers need Raw Beast Hide; Alchemists need 4+ stacks of each herb plus crescent saberfish flesh; Blacksmiths and engineers need 10+ stacks of each blackrock ore and true iron ore; enchanters need a copper rod plus 1 stack each of luminous shard, temporal crystal, sorcerous earth, sorcerous fire; Jewelcrafters need a jeweler’s kit, plus stacks of ore plus 1 stack of each herb; and Scribes are mostly likely crying in the corner from their recent nerf. (If you can persuade them out, sell them 4-5 stacks of the cheapest herbs.)

Gathering: Demon hunters planning to gather may be pleased to see a mining pick, skinning knife, herbalist spade and so on in their pack.

Screenshot_76 tracder



Bags 4 Hexweave bags for leveling. Another 7 for personal bank space.

Potions 2-3 stacks of health pots, 4 stacks of Draenor Agility Potion, 3 stacks of Draenor Agility Flask

Food Feast of the Waters. yum.


What not to include:

Transmogs, pets, toys, mounts – these are all BoA

Even if players do not have leather-wearing character already, they are likely to want to choose their own transmogs from the AH.


How to sell Demon Hunter Leveling Packs

Advertise now on trade chat, and in your official realm forums. Charge 150-200% of cost.

When you bark / advertise, let players know that you have everything covered, leveling and the different costs for different professions packs.  For current prices check out 


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