Pocket Fel Spreader Farming

Pocket Fel Spreader Farming

Better done in a group. You don’t get extra chance at loot, but you do get extra eyes, who can cover all the Doomsayer spots.

This is my group I found on EU.


Shoutout to Frantos Burning Blade for the trivia bot while we waited.


If you are farming alone, use the TomTom addon waypoints


/way Stormwind City 68.1 17.1 Doomsayer
/way Stormwind City 78.6 37.3 Doomsayer
/way Stormwind City 68.6 42.7 Doomsayer
/way Stormwind City 72.7 47.8 Doomsayer
/way Stormwind City 67.6 58.0 Doomsayer
/way Stormwind City 77.0 63.6 Doomsayer
/way Stormwind City 66.5 76.5 Doomsayer
/way Stormwind City 61.3 75.0 Doomsayer
/way Stormwind City 55.6 68.5 Doomsayer
/way Stormwind City 59.0 53.0 Doomsayer
/way Stormwind City 53.9 52.9 Doomsayer
/way Stormwind City 47.4 49.6 Doomsayer
/way Stormwind City 51.2 70.6 Doomsayer
/way Stormwind City 44.0 81.2 Doomsayer
/way Stormwind City 50.2 86.7 Doomsayer
/way Stormwind City 62.2 32.7 Doomsayer
/way Stormwind City 66.2 71,3 Doomsayer
/way Orgrimmar 33.85 67.93 Doomslayer
/way Orgrimmar 40.16 63.88 Doomslayer
/way Orgrimmar 40.66 46.85 Doomslayer
/way Orgrimmar 45.86 51.44 Doomslayer
/way Orgrimmar 39.88 77.98 Doomslayer
/way Orgrimmar 44.20 69.00 Doomslayer
/way Orgrimmar 44.22 63.84 Doomslayer
/way Orgrimmar 48.75 57.09 Doomslayer
/way Orgrimmar 52.66 63.93 Doomslayer
/way Orgrimmar 52.16 74.96 Doomslayer
/way Orgrimmar 51.83 85.04 Doomslayer
/way Orgrimmar 57.70 52.79 Doomslayer
/way Orgrimmar 65.30 47.71 Doomslayer
/way Orgrimmar 71.75 45.08 Doomslayer
/way Orgrimmar 69.17 32.86 Doomslayer



Find a Doomslayer you like and camp there. If you are demon hunter or a hunter you have sensing demons ability turned on or spectral sight before you speak with doomsayer or if not have elixir of sensing demons or cursed vision of sargeras leather headpiece from Black Temple.

  • Sensing Demons
  • Spectral Sigh
  • Elixir of Sensing Demons
  • Cursed Vision of Sargeras


Demon Hunters, every 30 second cooldown, pop your spectral sight and talk to the Doomslayer. You are looking for an extra dialogue option:

“There’s something not quite right about you…”.

Choosing this option transforms Doomsayer into the Dread Infiltrator with 16M hp, that can drop a Pocket Fel Spreader toy.

Shout out to “Thassarian with wierd letters” and “Awesomehero” >.>



Pocket Fel Spreader



Flipping Pocket Fel Spreader

For readers who don’t enjoy camping, there is the option to flip.

Flipping means buy at a low price to resell at a higher price for profit.

Current prices are about 20,000g each in the US.


Pocket Fel Spreaders are available only during the Legion pre-patch event.

After August 30th they will no longer be available

(Although Blizzard may change their minds)

I am predicting 100,000g by next Summer, with prices increasing afterwards!




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  1. yohannt
    yohannt says:

    hey! I see A LOT of people farming this (someone in my guild already have around 40 fel spreader). I wounder if you took that in account when assuming it will end up at 100 000 gold.

  2. Catherine
    Catherine says:

    I’ll have to aim for this again later on. In 15 minutes it didnt show up for me 🙁 and I cant stand around waiting for even one to show up! Thanks for the great guide, I’ll try again when I have more time to spare!

  3. Cassie
    Cassie says:

    Do you just keep opening the dialogue box with sense demon on and hope for the alternate chat dialogue? Or do you need to refresh the doomsayers somehow?

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