Good News Everyone!

“I think I perfected a plague that will destroy all life on Azeroth!”

No wait, not that.

*coughs* ahem

Good news everyone!

The proc is BACK
The shuffle is BACK
Gathering is BACK
Dailies are BACK


Legion has brought wonderful news for everyone.


Alchemists with Rank 3 alchemy formulas are starting to proc extra potions and flasks.  Buy (or gather) the materials for 1 flask, get a chance at receiving several extra free flasks!



I’ve been making good gold buying/gathering materials to craft armor, then disenchanting it and selling it as raw shards / crystals / dust and scrolls.



Gathering, the original farming, is back in a big way, with much sparser herb and ore nodes than in Warlords of Draenor.  Players have been looking for gathering routes for raw trade materials and hunting down beasts for skinning.  For Ore, I recommend a path between Sylvan Falls and Nesingwary’s camp in Highmountain, which is the beginning of a great skinning place.  For herbalists, each herb is zone-specific so you’ll be travelling to every zone to pick up different herb types.

Fishing is awesome. See my previous blog post about selling rare baits.


Dailes are back

They’re no longer dailies, but they do have a timer, and they do give rewards including reputation.  The best addon to get for Legion World Quests is World Quest Tracker



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