Blood of Sargeras changes in progress


Beta continues to be beta, with changes to Blood of Sargeras in progress.


1) General World Quests/Dailies no longer drop 2-3 Blood of Sargeras, they are nerfed to drop only 1 blood.

2) However World Crafting Quests now spawn more frequently and drop more blood.

3) Disenchanting rare and epic items will give blood of sargeras

Ornyx, community manager, said:

You will also see Blood of Sargeras from Disenchanting Rare and Epic items in a future beta build, as well as an increase in the cadence and quantity of Blood of Sargeras from Crafting World Quests in the Broken Isles.


The last 2 changes will take place in an upcoming beta build, but change 1, a nerf of Blood of Sargeras in world drops is live now.



Blood of Sargeras from Dungeons and Raids

It is unknown how many blood will drop from dungeons/heroics/mythics/raids at the moment, and whether these are from trash, quests, or bosses.


How does the Blood of Sargeras change influence my choice of professions in Legion?



Your butt is saved.  You will be able to disenchant and get Blood of Sargeras that your Tailor needs.  This is a strong combination!


Dual gatherers

Your bags are going to be full of Blood of Sargeras that you don’t need at the moment.  You will need them later for upgrades with Obliterum. Your butt is semi-saved.


Dual crafters

You are still in trouble.  Game designers specifically want characters to each have a gathering and a crafting profession because that’s what they have.

They think that it is wrong to have 1 skinner/miner char plus 1 leatherworker/blacksmith alt.

You will be at a disadvantage to a player who has 1 skinner/leatherworker and 1 miner/blacksmith.


I am a dual crafter.  Can I still craft in Legion?

Ion also tweeted me saying that dual crafters would still be able to craft however I believe he was focusing on whether an item would be craftable, not whether you will remain competitive with equal opportunity to craft as a gatherer/crafter character.


Can I stay as a dual crafter?

This depends entirely on whether the Blood-Per-Effort or Blood-Per-Hour can be equal to the blood/hr for a gather-crafter toon.

If your character is a tank or healer and can spend a lot of time in dungeons, enough that your blood/hr is the same for someone who is running around herbing and mining.

If you do not want to make gold, if you do not want to be competitive with the other players, then you can just craft casually and not worry about being the best.  If you are happy to continue to have a crippling disadvantage, then


I have unobtainable patterns, and very expensive irreplaceable patterns, what can I do?

First: stay calm. There may still be some magical change that helps you.

Take stock of your alts and which professions you have. If you are going to drop a particular profession, do you have any alts that could take it up. (ignoring that unobtainable/irreplaceable question for now).

Use this tool to check which patterns you have on your characters/toons.  It’s made by a very clever player on one of my EU realms.

Check which of your professions is the least effort to remake, and whether it is achieveable at all.

Check for materials needed to level that profession, in your auction house, or find farming guides for the materials.

Warlords of Draenor is a ridiculously easy time to level up new professions, especially a new gathering profession, and especially if you have Pathfinder/Flying in WoD.

Legion is also really easy to level up gathering professions, but start leveling your gathering professions at level 100, so you can do the gathering professions (yes, there are some!) at the same time as your regular play.


What I will do

My main character is a dual crafter, supported by a dual gatherer.

I have 39 unobtainable patterns.  


It would be fair to say I’m devastated.

I will need to delete my profession with these patterns in order to remain competitive in Legion.

I will need a gatherer/crafter character in order to have equal opportunity to create, to craft, and to profit. I have no choice.

It’s heartbreaking that Warcraft thinks this is a good way to reward investment. 

I will stay a dual crafter for now, investigate which patterns I need to replace, repurchase, refarm on an alt.  If I can get them before Legion, then I’ll get them.  If not, I will take it from there. I can adapt.  It is not fair that I am required to adapt.

I will continue to research all the professions and find the best combinations, and farming spots for you.



Why is it a big deal?

Players have sacrificed time to get these patterns.  They have spent gold, which needed work to gather. Instead of doing that work, I could have been raiding, mount collecting, or achievement hunting.  Why is gold making work less deserving?

Why am I, a dual crafter with a dual gatherer alt, less deserving than a crafter/gatherer? It makes me angry.



Reminder: Blood of Sargeras will drop in Legion from

  • World quests (tiny amount)
  • World crafting quests (a little more)
  • Fishing (tiny amount) with completion of the artifact and application of artifact power correctly.
  • Blood seeker’s shoulder enchant (tiny amount)  requires exalted with The Wardens and unable to apply a competing shoulder enchant.
  • Gathering – mining, herbalism, skinning – a substantial amount.
  • Dungeons/raids – unknown amount yet.
  • Disenchanting – some blood, unknown amount yet.
  • Alchemy – it can be transmuted on a daily cooldown.

Information is correct as of 18 June 2016.





How will this affect players who don’t care about gold making?

How will this effect the entire World of Warcraft economy?

Your local auction house will have two sets of sellers in them: those with plenty of Blood of Sargeras, and those without. Those without will have to compete with the big boys.

Supply will be lower.

Prices will be higher.

Gold will change hands from those able to buy wowtokens to gather-crafters with sufficient Blood of Sargeras.  These items will be high priced.

Lower supplier will push up the regular player’s need for gold, in turn forcing them to buy more wowtokens.

Players with gather-crafters will be able to pay for their subscription using their gold, sell wowtokens.

Regular players will have to pay very high prices for their purchases of crafted items on the Auction House.

In short, gold will go from regular player to AH mogul, who then forces regular players to buy more wowtokens.  Take a moment to consider who can profit from this increased demand for gold buying.




And what company doesn’t want to increase profits?


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4 replies
  1. Kitty
    Kitty says:

    I haven’t played on Beta and I know things can still change. But I have looked at what can be made with the BOS as a crafter and a lot of it really doesn’t look that compelling. For some professions (inscription, for example) BOS is only needed for a couple of things. For JC, you don’t need it for gems. For crafted gear I can see why a tailor, etc. would need it. But, the gear levels currently on patterns make me really wonder if anyone will be making much gold from that gear. Yes, I know it can be upgraded but the amount of upgrade at this point doesn’t seem that high. So, how much gold is anyone really going to be getting from crafting gear even with a steady supply of bloods?

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Hi Kitty, they are going to ‘level off’ the crafting professions a bit and make the requirements for blood more equal across the crafting profs.

      The crafted items are maybe 800 when made, and can be upgraded to 850. Compare this to the 820/830-ish from heroic dungeons and 800ish from questing up to level 110. They also say that more patterns will be coming in new patches.

  2. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    Thanks for the concise update. It’s hard to keep up sometimes. so I appreciate your work. I have many alts at max level. All professions are covered and the rest of the alts are dual gatherers. Personally, I don’t want or need those characters to pick up a duplicate crafting profession, so I’m probably just going to let things ride with them and bank the blood. :/ I do have several alchemists though for multiple transmute possibilities. You didn’t specifically mention them in your Change section, but it appears that they remain as screwed (or, I would argue, even moreso) than dual crafters? Looking forward to the next Q&A.

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Hi Dawn, I believe your alchemists will want the Blood for use with Obliterum in the future when upgrading gear, but I have to look into that more.

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