You work hard at your WoD Garrison
because you don’t know the best methods

The Gold Queen is proud to present

Garrison Gold Guide

“I can get this for free from the interwebs!”

There are some awesome overview guides on the internet, but the ones on making gold from garrisons are

  1. small
  2. undetailed
  3. tell you to make x building but not why, so you can’t make an informed choice
  4. tell you to ‘stack treasure hunters’ but not which and why and how
  5. don’t explore shipyard gold making at all
  6. not written by an expert

This is a 45 page, 12,000 word monster, presented in PDF, with screenshots.

Written by The Gold Queen, Warcraft gold making expert since 2010

Do you need this?

If you have several level 3 garrisons with fully fuctioning shipyards all turning out thousands of gold every day, supporting all the professions, you’re doing well.

But if you’re still looking for all the garrison gold-making advice in one place, not sure what to build, not sure what missions to do, this could be the guide for you.

You can learn

  • Which followers to get
  • Which addons to use
  • Which buildings to make, and more importantly why.
  • How to work all the crafting professions in synergy
  • How to get Treasure Hunters, which ones to choose, how to put them to work
  • How to not suck at Shipyards

It looks a little like this



Marc"in 13 days I had already doubled my gold"


Jaedra"Made 35k this week"


Kelsey"it’s awesome"


Thomas"Almost at Gold Cap"


Rog"Helped me get my garrison organised"

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Your guide, your price choice

[No Longer For Sale]

Due to impending release of Warcraft:Legion expansion

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