The World’s Best Warcraft Gold Makers

TGQ’s personal gold heroes

Everyone needs heroes, and inspirations.  Part of my job is to be an inspiration to you, to encourage you to make more gold.  But where do I get my own inspiration? Here are some of my heroes and Warcraft Gold Makers.  Some of them you will never have heard of!


Hikons, Umlaut, Faid, Aada, Sinshroud, Reth/Vahdis, Sheyrah, BilisOnyxia, and you.


NAME: Hikons

What’s special about them? Hikons deals in really big sales numbers, buy low sell high flipping, and rare items.  His snatchlist must be something special to behold.

How to find them?



NAME: Umlaut

What’s special about them? Umlaut is a warcraft gold billionaire, and does it all within strict ethical parameters.  He doesn’t take advantage of mistakes such as missing zeroes on auctions, instead returning them to the seller, and making sure he keeps his golden reputation.  He also uses his gold for good, helping his friends with game time.

How to find them?



NAME: Faid

What’s special about them? Faid used to run a gold making blog, and now has her own youtube channel. She is one of the cleverest gold makers I know, and teaches economic strategies rather than fleeting trendy farming spots.  She was one of my TSM inspirations, incredibly good at TSM.  She’s better than I am, it’s that simple.

Where to find them?


NAME: Aada

What’s special about them? Aada is an incredibly powerful gold making expert, playing on 8 realms only, focused entirely on buy low sell high.  Their knowledge of the real value of items is what has enabled them to make  over 275Mil gold profit in 8 months.  Follow them now for an insight into the potential for Battle for Azeroth BoE epics.

Where to find them?


NAME: Shinshroud

What’s special about them? Sinshroud was not the first warcraft player to discover auctioning items bought from vendors, nor the first player to snipe on the auction house, but he was the first to make public guides about it.  He doesn’t play anymore, but I know if he came back, he would whip our butts with new ways to make gold that we’d never considered.  I know him for his Outland Vendor Run, and for his Auctioneer addon sniping lessons.

Where to find him?  You can’t.


NAME: Reth/Vahdis

What’s special about them? He’s the man you want to see about Battle Pets!  He must surely know the value of hundreds of them, both at level 1 and level 25, and which are cageable, because he can turn an underpriced pet into a pile of gold by the thousands.

Where to find them?


NAME: Sheyrah

What’s special about them?  Famous for her pastebins. Sheyrah’s skills are in crafting, turning piles of materials into strong selling auction house items, and in TSM.  She put many many hours of work into her TSM groups and operations for import by you.

Where to find her?


NAME: BilisOnyxia

What’s special about them? BilisOnyxia is known for his TSM Sniper String, used by famous gold makers like Sheyrah,  But he also has a useful Battle for Azeroth pets TSM profile, and wrote his first addon for the BfA Scrapper. Another quiet gold maker who is a pillar of the community.

Where to find him?



What’s special about them? For a start, you are here, on my website, so you’ve been searching for ways to learn more about gold making. You’re improving yourself and you’re investing in yourself.  That means you’re going places, friend.

Where to find them?  In your local mirror.


Goldqueen faseAbout the Author

Alyzande is the founder of TGQ. She’s working on her 2nd level 120, has 10 years expertise in making gold, 19,000+ achievements, 1593 days played, over 39 million gold earned, and now playing World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth live. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling, snatch lists, and farming gold making. Want more updates on Warcraft Battle for Azeroth? Support my Patreon for exclusive pre-release Battle for Azeroth Gold Guides.