5 Million Gold Mount Datamined in Battle for Azeroth

Wowhead have datamined a 5 million gold Brutosaur Dinosaur Mount

Here he is!

The Mighty Caravan Brutosaur costs 5 million gold and comes with a special surprise for gold makers.

He comes in five colours:

  • Green
  • White
  • Khaki
  • Blue/Teal
  • Grey/Purple belly

All the colours are shown over on wowhead!


Why is the Brutosaur 5 million gold?

Because he has an Auctioneer NPC on his back.  Anyone with this mount can pop an auction house anywhere they want!


Brutosaur Giveaway

I would love to giveaway a 5 million gold mount.

I can only giveaway one, so don’t message me asking for it!

Instead, I’m going to brainstorm the best way to make sure that everyone has a fair chance, and promotes the website www.thegoldqueen.com most fairly.


Livestream Giveaway?

At www.twitch.tv/thegoldqueen we have the ability to record interaction and then enter all users into a raffle.  This would be a fun way to give away a Brutosaur mount but perhaps it would leave out long term readers who

or Website giveaway?

Perhaps a website-hunt where you must find hidden words on the website and then enter by email?

Your opinion?

If you have any ideas about the best, more fair way, to give away the 5 million gold Brutosaur Mount, just write them in the comments!



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