Rare Interview with a World of Warcraft Gold Beggar.

I asked “Z” about how he begs for gold in the major alliance city of Stormwind, and how much gold he can make.


Is gold begging something that you do often?

Z: Begging is something I do in my spare time just for fun when I can’t be bothered to sit by the Auction House (AH)  or when im not raiding! I mostly beg at weekends though.


Did you become a gold beggar by accident or by choice?

Z: Well the story behind it was that I was always getting pestered by people asking for gold, and basically I felt bad saying no. It wouldn’t take me long to regain gold I gave away so I always said yes! As long as they were nice =P Then it clicked “why don’t I do what they are and make some nice easy profit!”


Would you recommend gold begging to other gold gamers?

Z: What I will say is that begging won’tÂnecessarily give the biggest gold per hour (gph) returns ( or could it ??? ) however, it is useful at the start of your gold empire to get a few gold as a low level char to start giving you gold to spend on ah items to resell.


Can we get into specifics: What level is your beggar, and what does he wear?

Z: My *current* begging character is a cute lil’ pink bearded lvl 10 gnome.  However I don’t stick to only 1 toon, I mix it up between 3 or 4 and make new toons with different names, no one wants to be pestered every weekend knowingly by the same guy.

I actually have many different outfits for my begging toons ranging from being dressed up as a pirate to being a wizard.  Again I mix it up a bit to keep it fun and interesting.


What does he say to the other WoW players?

Z: This is the make or break on if you are going to make any gold, Usually I only whisper players so I what I do is start with something like: “Hi I’m sorry to bother you, but could I please borrow some gold for [ links item ] it would be very much appreciated kind sir / madam!”  If they gave me gold I then proceed on telling them how kind and amazing they are for doing so. People like being told they are awesome this usually results in getting even more gold. Sometimes I’ll offer to dance for them however I’m afraid the *dances* need to be kept clean for legal reasons ! Sorry =(


What sort of gold can you get from begging?

Z: It depends totally on your server and the people you ask. We all know that there are a lotta douches in World of Warcraft, however what people tend to forget is there are more nice people than bad ones. In an hour or so I can make anywhere between 20g to over 2k if you ask the right people.


Are there other benefits from begging, such as making contacts?

Z: Of course there are loads of benefits.  Yes, you do make a lot of new contacts and friends.  You also also get a lot of “go quest lolroflcopter n0ob” comments and worse =P However, sometimes you have to think outside the box.  The biggest enjoyment I get from it is people’s different reactions. For example: laughing at some of the replies I get and posting them in guild chat.


Have you got any tips for World of Warcraft players?

Z: Yeah, there are a couple of things that will greatly improve your chances of netting some gold from people. Firstly, its very worthwhile doing your research on who has gold on your server this will hugely increase your chances of free gold, those guys with some luck will be your “big earners”. You can do this by checking out your Auction House. You’ll see the same names cropping up all the time.

Also, be polite. Be nice to the people you’re asking. “hey give me goldz plox”  just aint gonna cut it, you wont get anywhere. If your nice and actually say why you would like/want the gold, then the person you are asking psychologically will be more likely to help you out.  Especially if you’re nice and show them why you want/need some gold; regardless if you even want what you are linking!

Yes, yes, it’s lying, I know, but its sneaky and sneaky gets gold!



There we have it, in case you always wondered why someone is gold begging!

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The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 10 garrisons, 16k achievements, 1505 days played, and over 18m gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

9 replies
  1. Adam
    Adam says:

    I guess the bar for guest content is set pretty low, huh?

    I especially enjoyed the comments affirming this as a legitimate gold making tactic. Way to advance the art, guys.

  2. Skorpsy
    Skorpsy says:

    Nice post. Kinda made me chuckle, cuz I have long joked with people I know that behind every trade beggar is most likely a chopper in their bag. 🙂 Sometimes I get whispers for gold, though a good amount of them I ignore, unless they somehow spark my interest at that minute are like really nice, make me laugh, or I am just in an amazing good mood. I do hope this doesn’t encourage more people to beg though hehe especially other rich ones! The thought of that makes me both laugh and cringe.

  3. Joseph Douglas
    Joseph Douglas says:

    Brilliant article. Granted beggars tend to annoy me to no end. But even in real life you have beggars
    that can pull down a decent living just to sit there with a sign that ways “give me money please”.

    The idea of unwritten wow rules is a romantic gesture. But in reality when people can say just about anything
    they want in trade chat, and have no consequence. Grab an item for an “alt”, or the 100’s of bad acts
    that occur that get people upset. The idea of an unwritten set of wow rules seems to have gone with the wind.

    It’s a flip side of how things are seen, to the beggar who gets told no, they see the person that refused
    as a dbag. Where people who spend their time investing and making gold, see the beggar as the dbag

    I did find it amusing that I started playing Star Legends on my android phone, and not 10 minutes into the game
    out popped up someone asking for “gold please”. so they are everywhere in every game that has some type
    of currency and social structure it seems.

  4. Dante
    Dante says:

    Personally i found this pretty humerous to read and it is *thikning outside the box*

    Alotta people seem to look down on begging but tbh i see it as a legit way to make some ( slow ) gold, and it is a great tip for when your starting out and trying to make G for nothing!

    How do u know the guy who is begging aint actually a super rich char who is bored with playing AH and is actually just chilling out ?

    Like the dude said he does it basicly when he is bored.

    +1 cookie

      • Sweetiebird
        Sweetiebird says:

        I don’t think it is outside the unwritten rules, I think it’s a bad idea on how to make gold… and there is a good chance it will increase the spam I’ll see when I’m playing for a while.

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