Wild Pets

Mists of Pandaria changes the way that small companion pets work. You will already be familiar with Warcraft mini pets that can be traded on the Auction House and the profits you can now from them. Blizzard will be adding new ways to get these fun little pets when they introduce Pandaren in the next World of Warcraft expansion.

Pandaria Wild Pets

Small companion pets, which will be able to battle each other Pokemon style, will be discoverable in the wild, but only under specific circumstances, such as weather conditions. Players who had fishing skill during vanilla/legacy WoW will remember how different fish could be caught at different times of day and in Summer/Winter.

Gold gamers will only be able to make gold if these wild pets are BoE/ bind on use, rather then soulbound. If this becomes the case, check back here at the gold queen or at warcraftpets.com for lists of wild pet discovery locations. Raptor hatchlings are already farmable from specific nests in the wild.

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ps tgq will still be here in the expansion. You can rely on me.

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  1. Joseph Douglas
    Joseph Douglas says:

    We just don’t know enough about the pets other than the few meager bits that have been thrown at us.

    I’m wondering just how many people are hoping this neopet idea will go the way of the dance studio.

  2. the gold queen
    the gold queen says:

    They’re going to have collars, a bit like the sparkle rope leashes and a bit like the trinkets slot for players. No word yet if these will be farmable, trackable or tradeable.

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