What is Flipping?

Flipping means to buy low, sell high.  You purchase one item or many, either in the Auction House or through trading direct to another player.  Then you ‘flip’ that item around by putting it back where you bought it, but for a higher price, and earning gold from this work.


What is a Shuffle?

In World of Warcraft, a “shuffle” is when you transform one item into another, aiming to add value.  For example, buying ore, and creating jewellery.

The best shuffle is moving one item into another repeatedly, adding value at every stage, until you end up with something worth considerably more than you paid.


What is AH?

The Auction House is abreviated to AH, and can be found in capital cities, plus Shattrath and Dalaran. There are also auction houses in the Shrine in Pandarian (one horde, one alliance) accessible only to engineers.  The previously neutral AHs in Booty Bay, Gadgetzan and Winterspring are now part of the cross-faction AH system.  All the access points to the AH connect to the one central Auction House system per server/realm.


What is TSM?

Trade Skill Master, TSM, is an addon that modifies your user interface in WoW.  It’s perfectly within terms of service, and can be downloaded as part of my Gold Queen auctioning and gold making pack at Curse Gaming.  TSM is not a single stand-alone addon, but comes in its own suite: a core addon with modules. Make sure you download the core addon, all the modules, the new apphelper module.  Then go to the trade skill master website and download the desktop app which runs minimized on your desktop providing your addon with data drawn directly from World of Warcraft via Wowuction 


What is GPH?

Gold per Hour, GPH, g/hr.  A way of measuring and then comparing farm spots or auctioning work to discover which auctions give the most gold for your time.


What is Mats?

Short for materials.  The basic items that you use for crafting. For example, you would use the “mats” cloth with your tailor to create cloth armor.


What is Walling?

When you ‘wall’ someone, you undercut your competitors on the Auction House so that it makes it nearly impossible for them to buy you out, forcing them to cut their prices either under yours, or to leave that market completely.  Walling is a form of market manipulation.  Examples of walling are posting 500 stacks of Sumptuous Fur in singles, requiring your competitor to click 500 times to buy you out (if they don’t have the TSM keybind/mousewheel macro), and posting 4 of every glyph craftable for only a few silver over the crafting price.


What is Undercutting?

When you undercut your competitor, you offer your item for sale at less than them.  Either by one copper, or by a significant chunk.  What the vast majority of auction house users do not know, is that you don’t have to undercut, you can in fact overcut instead.  See my post on dealing with your competitors.


What’s a Stack in World of Warcraft?

A stack is when more than one item fits in a slot in your bag, bank, auction house.  Armor and gear are single ‘stacks’ while you can carry 200 herbs in one slot.  So if you see someone advertising to sell something “one stack of x” then you can assume the amount of x you will gain is the maximum number that can fit in one space.  When you have more than one of a stackable item in your bags it will show as a small white number on top of that item.

One stack of 200 Fireweed

One stack of 200 Fireweed

What is blacklisting / a white list ?

To black list someone, you add them to a list, either mental, on paper, or in an addon like TSM, making a note to always undercut them.  A white list is the opposite. With a white list you make an agreement that two players will not undercut each other and will not drive prices down by competing against each other.  When it’s more than 2 players, its a Cartel.  When it’s all the players, you’re in deep trouble if you’re a buyer.


Have I missed out an important auctioning term?  Do ask!

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