What would you prefer to have? Gold now, or More Gold later?

It’s not as simple a question as you first thought, is it.  How much gold now? How much gold later?  How much later?  What would I lose if I choose later?  If I choose now, will I get anything at all later?  I’ll spare you the long winded ramble about Opportunity Cost.  I think you all know that “time is money” and you can’t have your cake (in your hand) and eat it (in your mouth) at the same time.  So, time for an executive Warcraft Decision.

The way the Gold Queen learned to do business was as a child playing monopoly.  You can cross your fingers as much as you like, you can roll double sixes and you can land on free parking but if you don’t own any property, you won’t get any rent. Houses and hotels are just decoration, if you have no property, then you won’t have any income.


You can’t reap unless you sow.
You can’t make gold from a crafting profession unless you have patterns.
You won’t get any gold if you don’t put in your time to learn the market.
You can’t sell things unless they’re for sale.

If your stuff is sitting stockpiled in a bank, you’d better be damn sure that it will make you gold in the future, because that gold could be up, working, invested in materials, patterns, or goods for resale sat in the AH, twinkling at new customers.

Ladies and gentlemen, players of Warcraft, get your lazy gold off its lazy backside and working hard for you!

Q: What would you prefer to have?  Gold now, or More Gold later?
A: How about gold now, then gold later, then more gold after that!

ps, yes, my gold’s working hard for me

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  1. Nimn
    Nimn says:

    I can't for the life of me get mysales to show me an information window like the one pictured here. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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