Flash Gold for Flash Photography

With the release of Patch 7.3.5 many new opportunities have produced themselves in making gold in World of Warcraft.

One of these that will make engineers happy is the new S.E.L.F.I.E cam being introduced.


Lights, Camera, Gold Making

The original camera was introduced during the Warlords of Draenor expansion. It allowed players to, well take pictures of themselves in different areas. There was even a achievement attached to it.

With the next iteration of the S.E.L.F.I.E.cam we don’t have to wait for a garrison mission. A small questline opens up in Stranglethorn veil to complete.

Visiting Arielle Snapflash gives you a quick quest.

The quest requires 3 items.


Russet Belt – Purchased at the light armor merchant in Stormwind City or Orgrimmar
Iron Box – found somewhere in either Stormwind City or Orgrimmar

Wait for it. WOW Gold Making Opportunity Ahead

Standard Scope – Made from the AH or Engineers

Yes, that’s right. Engineers have their chance to shine in the sun.

Crafted from a Moss Agate and Bronze tube high end materials will not be required.

Some players have abandoned Engineers as being unprofitable. In this case many players will be scrambling to their auction house to obtain this item.


Here comes the tweetable!

[bctt tweet=”My Engineer and Miner alts are ready for some SELFIE gold making action in 7.3.5″ username=”thegoldqueen”]



Show me more, Gold Dragon!!!

Here is where you get to stretch your gold making ability.

The Moss Agate is found from prospecting Tin Ore.

It also can be mined from those Tin nodes.

With clever gold makers already taking the Moss Agate prices super high, look instead at prospecting and mining.

Take advantage of this now before it goes away.

7 different opportunities to get 10x your investment

  1. Crafting Standard Scope and sell
  2. Flipping Moss Agates
  3. Flipping Russet Belt on AH (pick up the Russet Set for extra gold)
  4. Crafting/Selling/Flipping Bronze Tubes
  5. Flipping Bronze Bars
  6. Selling Engineer services to craft for tips
  7. Flipping/Prospecting Tin Ore for profit

Miners can even profit on this change!

Bronze bars are crafted by Miners from 1 Tin Bar and 1 Copper Bar.

Gold opportunity to farm and craft this item for the future high demand
After the patch.

Jump on this opportunity quickly

This opportunity will go quick to maximize profit. But there will probably still be a slow and steady opportunity for continue gold. Anytime there is a new quest that has a demand for an item opportunities continue

So go out there, take a picture of the profits you can make over the next few weeks.



Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

About The Gold Dragon

The Gold Dragon is part of The Gold Queen’s “royal” court.  He began making gold his way in Azeroth 8+ years ago. Soon he took his menagerie of crafters and gatherers all the way to the legion HQ and beyond.  I’ve always believed in helping people if they ask and showing people that you do not have to be a Goblin Engineer to make gold in World of Warcraft. Many of the lessons I’ve learned in obtaining gold in WoW I’ve also adapted to my personal life. I have gained and spent over 8 million gold. Spending on personal items and helping my guildmates. Dancing on Azerothian mailboxes for gold tips is just a hobby.  I believe that everyone can make gold if they want to!