Warcraft Items Removed from Undercity in Battle for Azeroth

Spoiler warning.

The storyline will not be discussed here, but in the early moments of Battle for Azeroth, the Alliance attack Lordaeron and the Undercity.

Once Undercity is gone, the items available for sale here will also be gone.


Can you still get these items?

Yes. But it’s not easy.

Find the bronze dragon Zidormi outside Undercity, and ask her to change the landscape back to pre-burning.

You talk to the dragon and the old area is revealed, allowing you to access the old vendors and mobs.

But not every player is aware of this, and not every buyer who wants these items are going to take the time to go and pick up the patterns.

That’s your job: providing a useful service.


Which Items Are Going?

These items are from Horde vendors.

Tailoring, from Millie Gregorian

  • [Pattern: Greater Adept’s Robe] Buy 8s, sell 300g
  • [Pattern: Red Woolen Bag] Buy 5s, sell 35g
  • [Pattern: Tuxedo Pants] Buy 45s, sell 700g
  • [Pattern: Tuxedo Jacket] Buy 50s, sell 720g
  • [Pattern: Tuxedo Shirt] Buy 45s, sell 650g

From Daniel Barlett, Trade Supplies

  • [Design: Amulet of the Moon] buy 18s, sell 300g

From Felicia Doan, Trade Supplies

  • [Design: The Jade Eye] buy 25s, sell 350g

From Joseph Moore, Leatherworking Supplies

  • [Pattern: Green Whelp Bracers] buy 28s, sell 600g
  • [Pattern: Barbaric Bracers] buy 20s, sell 700g

From Algernon, Alchemy Supplies

  • [Recipe: Elixir of Shadow Power] buy 1s, sell 450g

The cockroach vendor will be going too, but you can still pick up cockroaches from Stormspire in Outland.


Brill Will Be Wiped Out Too

One vendor in Brill is the only vendor of this cooking recipe in the entire game.

Abigail Shiel sells

[Recipe: Crispy Bat Wing]

Alliance cannot buy this recipe anywhere.

Once Brill is gone, unless they invoke the ‘turn back time’ bronze dragon, then no one will be able to buy this recipe.

This screengrab from The Undermine Journal shows

  • There are only 116 of these recipes for sale in the whole of North America today.
  • You could get over 500g for your recipe.
  • The recipe is for sale at 23c.
  • Yes, twenty three copper.


Undercity Vendor Run

Total cost 2g 46s

Total revenue 5,305g

Total Profit 5,300g



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Do you play Alliance?

We’ll soon be looking at Warcraft Items Removed from Darnassus in Battle for Azeroth 

Keep your eyes open for a guide from me soon!


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