Forgotten and unthought-of items or Pure Speed running!

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Hey Guys I’m Gimp from and today I wanna talk to you all about making gold by running your favourite dungeons. I have recorded a video of me speed running some of my favourite dungeons as an example

Often when we think of dungeons from a gold perspective we think of farming greens or cloth, or even boosting people for gold in some cases. However many dungeons in game have items players have completely neglected or just don’t think of anymore. I decided to speed run a few dungeons to look at some old and forgotten items, or ways to speed through REALLY fast. During the runs I intentionally went for speed, so didn’t necessarily kill every single mob or boss but the dungeons can also be run slowly for more loot per run, but I personally like doing dungeons fast!


Hellfire Ramparts

Hellfire Ramparts

Hellfire Ramparts

Loot after Hellfire Ramparts Run

Loot after Hellfire Ramparts Run CLICK FOR LARGER

Hellfire Ramparts  is a great instance for  Runecloth and Netherweave cloth, as well as level 60-73 greens, but the best part of Ramparts is the speed in which you can run it.


Loot after an average run.

I averaged 4 mins per run and after 5 runs had 180 Runecloth, 60 Netherweave cloth, 27 Green Items and 1 BOE Rare.




Gnomeregan is probably known as a rather long and sometimes annoying instance. However if you split it into a couple of pulls like I do, it allows for a faster more simplex run.

The items that make me run Gnomeregan the most are the Fused Wiring that many of the mechanical mobs drop. However Gnomeregan’s true calling for forgotten and unthought-of items is its vast array of great Engineering Recipes.

Some of the recipes available are 100% exclusive to the dungeon:

Some are available as drops but can be found outside of Gnomeregan also:

Some are also dropped by Mekgineer Thermaplugg

Loot from Gnomeregan Speed Run

Loot from Gnomeregan Speed Run CLICK FOR LARGER

Although most of the schematics themselves are not BOE the items they create are often very desirable and worth obtaining the means of creating.

Lil’ Smokey, Pet Bombling and Mechanical Squirrel Boxes being incredibly profitable items to sell to pet collectors, and Craftsman’s Monocles are great for selling to vanity players.


Loot from a single Speed run


Scarlet Monastery & Cathedral

Scarlet Monastry

Scarlet Monastry

Scarlet Monastery is an amazing dungeon with a ton of cloth dropping Humanoids. The biggest plus to SM however is the speed in which you can complete its highest level area the Cathedral.

A full cathedral clear can take from 2-5 mins with only the need to hit 1 mob to agro the entire instance!

With mogging around the corner [“Transmogrification/Mogging” – the Gold Queen] SM has gained a new plus for gold making other than pure speed running for cloth and that is the Chain of The Scarlet Crusade set, which comprises of:


Scarlet Crusade Set

Scarlet Crusade Set

Scarlet Belt

Scarlet Boots

Scarlet Chestpiece

Scarlet Gauntlets

Scarlet Leggings: BoP

Scarlet Wristguards


With all parts of the set apart from the leggings being bind on equip the potential for sales once Mogging is released could be incredibly high. (Watch for these also cheap on the AH)

Scarlet Monastry Cathedral Loot

Scarlet Monastry Cathedral Loot CLICK FOR LARGER


Loot from a 3 min run!


Stratholme Human Side (Scarlet Side)


Stratholme Scarlet Human Side

Stratholme Scarlet Human Side

Stratholme is the ultimate speed dungeon, with tons of mobs, tons of cloth and my favourite items for selling in any old world dungeon!

Righteous Orb

For those who don’t know Righteous Orbs are used as part of the Crusader Enchant which is incredibly popular for heirloom weapons, especially for Warriors and therefore profitable!

During my run I obtained 4 of these orbs each netting me 100g on my server!

Combine this with 111 Mageweave and a very fast run can become very profitable!

Cannonball Runner

On a non-gold related side note I also obtained the Cannonball Runner which is great fun

Stratholme Scarlet Human Side Speed Run Loot

Stratholme Scarlet Human Side Speed Run Loot CLICK FOR LARGER

1 Speed runs loot


So I have listed a Super-fast fun dungeon (Hellfire Ramparts), an Engineers haven for recipes (Gnomeregan), a Mogging potential dungeon (Scarlet Monastery), and a dungeon run hunting for specific materials (Straholme). But Azeroth has many many other dungeons with potential items and reason to run them for gold, have a look at your favourite dungeon and see if you can find an item people would think of when they think gold making!

So take care Guys and Gals and keep an eye out for more dungeon run videos coming soon!

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  1. Kammler
    Kammler says:

    I can’t seem to get the video link to work–the small pix of the loading screens just open into a jpg file. And the big video box doesn’t have anything attached. I was looking forward to the video…..

    Anyway, nice post. The older gear sets will be popular with Tmog coming soon.

  2. Leez
    Leez says:

    I don’t like running in Ramparts (Lazy), so I just throw AoE up to the bridge which is near da entrance. When you throw AoE while patrols are walking there and when they notice your AoE = Good amount of mobs in front of you, about in 1 minute.

  3. Alyzande
    Alyzande says:

    Excellent post, thank you. I like that there is a huge range of dungeons, both in terms of levels and in terms of benefits and possibly profit makers. Looking forward to hearing more from you with the videos 🙂

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