Cloaked Shoulderpads sales

 Shuffling is not just for Ore.

Shuffling is when you change one type of item into another, adding value.

Whether that be a one-step shuffle when you disenchant an item, or trade heavy savage leather into pristine hide. Or whether that be a many stepped Elementium Ore prospected into gems, and jewellery for disenchanting mats, then made into enchanting scrolls.

Shuffling can be done with a crafting profession, or in other ways.

Today’s tip shuffles with a combination of methods and creates a product with great value.


Each time you shuffle something, the goal is to add value and increase the amount of gold you get when you eventually sell the item.

1. Buy or pick Kingsblood with Herbalism

Kingsblood is consistently one of the cheapest herbs on my server.  The Undermine Journal lists it at 45g a stack, but clever goblins can pick it up at 30s per piece.

Alternately you can buy Liferoot, Grave Moss or Wild Steelbloom if they are currently cheaper.

Pick herbs in Northern Stranglethorn Vale, Western Plaguelands or Wetlands.

2. Mill Kingsblood into Golden Pigment and Burnt Pigment with Inscription

Your scribe, or your guild mate with inscription, can mill your Kingsblood into pigments for inks.  Lion’s Ink can be made into 53 different types of glyphs. Use Trade Skill Master or Lil Sparky’s Workshop to find the most profitable glyphs. You’re interested in the leftover Dawnstar Ink.

The Glyphs you make in this step will more than cover the costs of your herbs in step 1.

3. Turn Dawnstar Ink into Deck of Swords

A scribe turns the leftover Burnt Pigment into Dawnstar ink, and then into Swords cards, a Strange Tarot card. Collect these together into a set.

4. Begin the Deck of Swords Quests

Click your Swords Decks tarot cards and meet the Darkmoon Faire Mage who offers you a quest reward, a choice of three level 20 shoulder armor.

5. Choose the Cloaked Shoulderpads <of random enchantment>

Cloaked Shoulderpads are blue/rare bind on equip shoulder armor which have two characteristics.

  • They visually match the black leather Scouting Set.
  • They can be used for transmogrification.

This makes them more valuable in the Auction House than before patch 4.3

6. Sell for up to 300g

Price the Cloaked Shoulderpads in your Auction House in the same way that you price the other black leather items.  I’m experimenting with values from 100-300g.


Cloaked Shoulderpads sales

Click for larger image of Cloaked Shoulderpads sales

Today’s Lesson:

Shuffling is not just for Ore

Learn about the Cloaked Shoulders and Scouting Garb match from Epic Penny Pouch’s February post “Swords Decks as source of leather”. Thank you for your contribution to the Gold Community.

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