Turn Kingsblood into 10,000g

Shuffling is when you change one type of item into another, adding value.

Whether that be a one-step shuffle when you disenchant an item, or trade [Heavy Savage Leather] into [Pristine Hide] or trade 10 Primal Sargerite into Argulite gems.  Or whether that be a many stepped shuffle with Ore prospected into gems, and jewellery for disenchanting mats, then made into enchanting scrolls.

Shuffling can be done with a crafting profession, or in other ways, such as using a vendor NPC.

Today’s Warcraft gold guide shuffles with a combination of methods and creates a product with great value.

Each time you shuffle something, the goal is to add value and increase the amount of gold you get when you eventually make your sale.


Step 1. Buy or Farm Kingsblood with Herbalism

Kingsblood is a cheap, low level herb. The Undermine Journal lists it at 9g, but clever goldmakers can pick it up at under 50s each on the Auction House by buying only the cheapest herbs offered.

Alternately you can buy Liferoot, Grave Moss or Wild Steelbloom if they are currently cheaper.

Farm herbs in Northern Stranglethorn Vale, Western Plaguelands or Wetlands.

Here’s our TGQ Kingsblood farming route. Click to enlarge.


Step 2. Mill Kingsblood into Burnt Pigment and Dawnstar Ink, with Inscription

Your scribe alt, or your guild mate with inscription, can mill your Kingsblood into pigments for inks. Dawnstar Ink, and Lion’s Ink.

Use Trade Skill Master or The Undermine Journal to find the most profitable glyphs for your leftover Lion’s Ink.

Lion’s Ink can be made into 4 different glyphs.

  1. Glyph of Evaporation
  2. Glyph of Spirit Raptors
  3. Glyph of the Blazing Trail
  4. Glyph of the Geist

The glyphs you make with your leftover Lion’s Ink will cover the costs of your herbs from Step 1. From hereon, it’s pure profit.

For this shuffle, you’re interested in [Dawnstar Ink].


Step 3. Turn Dawnstar Ink into Deck of Swords

A scribe turns the Burnt Pigment into Dawnstar ink, and then into Swords cards, a card from the  Strange Tarot card. Collect these together into a set.



Step 4. Begin the Deck of Swords Quests


  1. Demon Hunter
  2. Druid
  3. Rogue
  4. Monk

Click your Swords Decks tarot cards to turn it into a quest item. Meet the Darkmoon Faire Mage who offers you a quest reward.


Step 5. Choose the Cloaked Shoulderpads <of random enchantment>

Cloaked Shoulderpads are blue/rare bind on equip shoulder armor which have two characteristics.

  1. They visually match the black leather Scouting Set.
  2. They can be used for transmogrification.

This makes them more very valuable in the Auction House


Step 6. Sell for up to 10,000g on the Auction House

Price the Cloaked Shoulderpads in your Auction House in the same way that you price the other black leather items. Remember, if your Cloaked Shoulderpads aren’t selling alone, try assembling a full set of Scouting armor and advertising it on trade chat.

Good luck with your Cloaked Shoulderpads sales


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