Top 5 Tips for Gold Making Beginners

  1. Saving your gold with a Piggy Bank character.
  2. Optimising your Order hall, and especially your bodyguard follower
  3. Making gold from Crafting.  How to “add value”.
  4. Using tsm to sell high quantities/low qualities
  5. Buy low, sell high.  Flipping.
  6. Staying aware of the latest news.

Saving your gold with a Piggy Bank character.

I wrote about this as far back as February 2011.  Spending more gold than you make is the single biggest reason why players aren’t rich.

To combat this, I recommend making a “piggy bank character”.  This character is an alt to whom you mail across a large lump sum of gold every week (or day, if you’re really bad!) and literally hoard the gold, keeping it out of reach of your spendy fingers.

How much should you send across to your piggy bank character?  Here’s a chart!


Optimising your Order hall, and especially your bodyguard follower

Your Legion Order Hall Missions can make you passive gold.  That’s gold that comes in without you doing anything, while you are doing something else.

Get your legion order hall missions optimised with the right followers, using Lon Measley and Jabari’s guides.

Pay particular attention to your bodyguard follower, making sure they have +gold in all their equipment slots


Making gold from Crafting.  How to “add value”.

The basics of crafting is taking some materials, doing something to change it, then selling it for a higher price.

When you “do something to change it” this is called “adding value”.

How much value you add shows how much you are worth, how much your time is worth. 

Taking linen cloth, turning it into bandages and vendoring them is a very low added value.

Cutting gems is a much higher value added.



Using TSM to sell high quantities/low qualities

Auctionator and Auctioneer are useful addons for the AH, but if you want to post items really fast, in large quantities you need to get hold of Trade Skill Master, and set up your scroll-wheel to post super fast. This way, you no longer need to worry about the quality of the items that you’re posting, because you can do so in large numbers.

Here’s an old guide using TSM2 that shows you how to post the items.  You can still follow the basics to post your ‘greenies’ today.

Here’s the guide to setting up the macro in TSM3

In TSM4, the scroll wheel macro setup looks like this


Buy low, sell high.  Flipping.

Flipping is the art of buying an item, and reselling it for more gold.  To do this, you need to know what an item is really worth, so you need to know your buyers.  Once you know that, you can work backwards and find items that are posted for less than that price.

This gives you two opportunities to make gold.  Make gold by buying an item cheaper than its value. And make gold by selling an item at a higher price.


Staying aware of the latest news

Once a guide hits wowhead, everyone will see it. But not everyone stays ahead of patch notes, or the secret finding discord.

The best way to keep on top of the latest gold making news is to follow me on twitter, and watch my livestreams on twitch.

Being ahead of the news is one reason why I was able to make bank with selling Major Protection Potions, as per this guide from June 2017. What I didn’t mention in the blog post, in order to avoid spoilers, was that these potions were selling well to players farming the new secret pet found that afternoon.


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