Hello and welcome to the Gold Queen’s Darkmoon Faire Guide part three. 

(please note, this guide was written in 2011. An updated guide is coming soon)

I’ll be focusing on four darkmoon vendors:

  • Flik
  • Professor Thaddeus Paleo
  • Gelvas Grimgate
  • Lhara

Flik is a small orc boy who sells wood frogs and tree frogs.  He runs around the Faire, but you can stop him in his tracks by clicking on him.  He will run ahead a few paces then turn back to you.  Tree Frogs sell well almost every day on AH, but especially outside normal DMF event times.  Wood Frogs are limited supply and you should be able to sell those for a higher price. They both cost 1g to buy.

Professor Thaddeus Paleo sells scrolls and potions and you may be able to make some gold flipping these, but be careful, check your AH data for current market prices.  The last thing you want to do is spend a small fortune on items that you list several times on AH and end up having to vendor!
Gelvas Grimgate is a goblin in a DMF tabard with his own tent.  He starts the DMF quests, where you can turn in the tickets for bags of loot.  As well as gold (my favourite!) you can get rare patterns and auctionable greens and blues.




A word of warning: don’t use your tickets to buy the Steam Tonk pattern.  As well as being BoP, engineers can now train this at a normal profession trainer, so don’t waste your time.

I have made a DMF Shopping List in Auctionator.  Copy the items into your own new shopping list and you can use the [Search for All Items] button to create a list in ascending order of price that you can exchange in various amounts for Darkmoon Faire Tickets. Collect these to claim your prize/s.



Finally, moving on to our last remarkable vendor, and undoubtedly the most important:

Lhara is our Darkmoon Gold Making Machine-ette! She has a huge list of limited supply trade items, and the vast majority will resell at a huge percentage profit.  There are just a few to look out for: Northrend Gems.  Don’t spend 50g just to get 2 x forest emeralds for example that will vendor for 6g.  (If you really want to throw your gold away, you can send it to me!)

But take Terocone for example.  Buy here for 20s.  They are currently selling for 3g each on my server. 
You can’t say no to free gold!

Next post: Darkmoon Faire guide part 4: Fun and a couple of surprise ways of making gold!

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