What question am I asked about making gold in world of warcraft over and over again?   You probably don’t know that I’m a prolific emailer.  I try and answer as many emails as possible, and they’re never one word ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers!

Many readers are good solid gold makers and are here for tips, and for ideas, or for confirmation that they’re doing the right thing, and want to ‘hang out’ with others who share the same passion for gold making.  I’m also seeing a lot of readers coming back and asking me “I love your gold blog, but where do I start?

Start with what you’re doing now.  Do you do your dailies?  Then take my daily routine cheat sheet, and make sure you do your dailies every time you log on.

Do you have your professions maxed out?  Spend 15 minutes adding some skill points to your professions.  Professions are a fantastic way to add value to stuff you own, so you can sell it for more than you bought it.  Have a browse through my information on your profession.  Why only 15 minutes?  Because I don’t want you burnt out and bored before you even started!

Gather.  Go out in the wild and pick up herbs, ore, cloth, gold, elemental volatiles.  Farming has a low return of gold-per-hour compared to working the Auction House, but when you combine it with your dailies, or other quests, then your profits are going to be much better.  Plus, you learn where things come from, how plentiful they are, and what sort of competition you have.  These are all important skills to have when you’re trying to ease your way into the gold making market.

If you find something that makes gold, take a mental note.  And try it again.  Gold making isn’t always glamorous, just keep doing the things that work. 

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  1. Catherine Brody
    Catherine Brody says:

    I have to say that by following your tips and sheets and information I have increased my gold amount dramatically 😉 I am not so hard pressed for gold anymore and on one of my 85’s I make about 1700g a day and spend about 200g a day in professions! 😉

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