Silithus Farming, But Not What You Think

Silithus Farming, But Not What You Think

When you think of Silithus farming, you probably think about the YouTube guides.

You grab 5 monks, put down a statue to draw agro, and start killing the Twilight mobs to force a respawn and pick up level 58-60 greens and transmog items, with the hope for [Glorious Legplates].

The Gold Queen’s Silithus Farming Guide is old school!

Here’s your map!

Rare Spawns

The yellow stars are rare spawns that you can look out for.  Install NPCScan and fly past the areas with stars, and it will alert you with a loud horn when a rare spawn is up.


  • Acroniss
  • Bornix The Burrower
  • Ffexk the Dunestalker
  • Gretheer
  • Grubthor
  • Huricanian
  • Karapax
  • lapress
  • Losaj
  • Manax
  • Ogmot the Mad
  • Prince Lakma
  • Qem
  • Qu’rik
  • Rex Ashil
  • Setis
  • Toxx
  • Twilight Lord Everun
  • Zora

Rares always drop an uncommon piece of level 55-60 armor.  In other words, transmog!


Here comes the tweetable!

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Silithus Ore Farming

You can pick up ore by flying around the edge of Silithus following the mountains. No map needed.

My loot included:

  • Thorium
  • Truesilver
  • Arcane Crystal
  • Azerothian Diamond
  • Star Ruby

Of these items, Arcane Crystal is my best loot.  When I sent it across to my alchemist and transmute into Arcanite Bars, for up to 1,000g each.

But I won’t be selling my [Arcanite Bar] it will be going across to my Blacksmith.

Arcanite is used to craft dozens of items that can be sold for transmog including the amazing Sulfuron Hammer

Sample EU Mean Prices (2018)

  • Sulfuron Hammer 172,887g
  • Enchanted Thorium Breastplate  101,084g
  • Arcanite Reaper 33,051g
  • Lionheart Helm 57,346g
  • Force Reactive Disk (shield)  40,336g


Limited Supply Items

There are four special item vendors in Silithus, selling items that sell for a big profit on the Warcraft Auction House, some of them aren’t available all the time and are “limited supply.”

Upstairs in the inn in Silithus, Kania sells Enchanting Supplies.

Here, the items you want to buy are the first three items.

Buy 4 of each of

Formula: Lesser Mana Oil

Fomula: Wizard Oil

Pattern: Enchanted Runecloth Bag.

Put 1-2 up on the AH at a time, and keep the rest in storage to replace sold items.

See if you can find the other three vendors in Silithus, and send me a screenie on twitter. 

(Patreons you can just view the “Southern Kalimdor” farming video in the ‘adventures’ section of the gold guide)



Herbalists there isn’t as much here for you, the standard herbs, plus a Black Lotus spawn node in the south.

There’s no routes, they’re all over the place.

Here’s your map anyway.  I’ve highlighted the Black Lotus node.

What’s the point of the Black Lotus?

Black lotus is used to make Vanilla / Classic World of Warcraft flasks.

  • Flask of Distilled Wisdom
  • Flask of Supreme Power
  • Flask of the Titans

Distilled Wisdom you can only get 90g for, but the other two flasks sell for between 500g-5,000g

They’re very rarely crafted and rarely seen on the AH but Supreme Power and Titans flasks are used in blacksmithing for

  • Titanic Leggings 40,000g
  • Sageblade 32,000g
  • Black Grasp of the Destroyer 31,000g


Elemental Air, Breath of Wind, Essence of Air Farm

North West Silithus, around the pillar of The Crystal Vale has a lovely selection of [Dust Stormer] mobs.

These drop

Elemental Air

Breath of Wind

Essence of Air

plus level 55-60 uncommon “green” armor that you can sell for transmog.


Note: The Desert Rumblers don’t drop elemental air, but do drop world drops, and can also be mined for mithril and thorium.

Breath of Wind is what interests me most on this farm, as blacksmiths use it to make this beautiful piece of transmog weaponry.



Good luck farming Silithus, and remember, there’s more to silithus than monk transmog farming!

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