Can I sell Transmogrification on my Server?

Quick answer: Yes, although you will have to make your own prices.

Long answer: If you want the high prices you need to be prepared to do some research.

  1. Go to the Undermine Journal, and choose your server or target server.
  2. Input the name/s of some transmogrification items that you know are desirable. In the examples, I chose Glorious Legplates and Jade Breastplate.
  3. Scroll down the page to see the price/population scatter plot.  Ignore the high outliers (they are stupid prices by gamblers rather than serious goldmakers) and avoid the ones with many items for sale at a low price.  You are aiming for the center/high price points, the 3rd part out of 4 quarters.  You also want to aim for a higher population.  More people = more gold.




sweetspotHere is your sweet spot.  Investigate these servers.  Make a level 1 and take your new chauffered mount (from the heirlooms) and get to the Auction House and start browsing through the transmogrification group snatch lists on Trade Skill Master.


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