Revealed: Secret Vendor Selling Rare 5,000g+ Item For Less Than 20 Silver


Hidden away in Ashenvale Forest, is a secret vendor that sells one of the rarest patterns in the game.

This leatherworking pattern has been listed for  4779g EU and 7,648g USA

The Sky Is the Limit with the pricing of this pattern in NA


Why is this pattern so rarely seen if it is available from a vendor?

  • Because you need to unlock the vendor with a quest
  • Because the quest is level 23
  • Because players are rarely leveling in Ashenvale
  • Because the vendor is not even marked as a vendor UNTIL you unlock him with a short quest line


How to unlock the rare pattern at the secret vendor

This is an ALLIANCE ONLY pattern, sorry Horde, you need to bring your level 23+ alt.

Step 1:  Find NPC Benjari Edune in Ashenvale and accept his quest to find Bolyun

Step 2: Find Bolyun in Ashenvale, hand in, and pick up the next quest

Step 3: Pick up his quest, mob will instantly spawn, kill it and hand in.


Step 4: The NPC next to Bolyun will turn into a leatherworking vendor.  He has a single Pattern: Herbalist’s Gloves 

Park your character at the LW Vendor for the afternoon, checking back every 30-45minutes for respawn of the pattern.

Store your patterns safely away on an alt or in the bank.


How to Sell Pattern: Herbalist’s Gloves


You will decimate the perceived market value and rob yourself of thousands of gold


Post only one pattern at a time, at 90-200% of the market value, depending on whether there are any competing patterns.

If there are no other sellers, post at 200%+ of the market value.

TSM will guide you to the market value for your realm.  If you do not use market value, check The Undermine Journal and for the pattern prices.

If there are other sellers, undercut by only a copper.

Once this item leaks out, the prices can and WILL crash, so keep them high as long as possible, and profit from this rare item.


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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Unless I missed something, you should have mentioned that it is an alliance only item. Flew in with my horde character and was surprised. Great info though.

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