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The Season for Giving… and Getting Rich

Winter Veil is upon us! There are many ways to get rich in World of Warcraft at Christmas, but this year let’s do the most fun way: a competition.

Winter Veil Competition

We’re going to be selling festive wrapping paper in all its colors, keeping a track of the sales and guessing which color paper will make the most gold this Christmas time.

Learn Gold Making

We can also use this as a learning exercise.  You can learn

  1. Where to find items.
  2. How to estimate their selling prices.
  3. How to sell, in what stack size, at what time, and therefore to who.
  4. Look at how public knowledge of an item affects supply.
  5. Tracking and comparing sales.
  6. Making buying decisions based on tracked sales.

Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper

Sold by <General Goods Vendors>, unlimited stock, 50c. Try Trak’gen in Orgrimmar, and Brog Hamfist in Goldshire Elwynn Forest. TUJ price US 10g/EU 20g

Blue Ribboned Wrapping Paper (normal)

Sold by a smaller number of <General Goods Vendors>, unlimited stock, 50c. Try Eral the Broken Draenei in Lower City, Shattrath, Outland. TUJ price US 10g/EU 30g

Blue Ribboned Wrapping Paper (Winter Veil)

Sold by <Smokeywood Pastures Vendors>, unlimited stock, 10c, only during the holiday. Try Stormwind trade district, and Valley of Strength, Orgrimmar.  TUJ price US 10g/EU 40g

Purple Ribboned Wrapping Paper (Winter Veil)

Same Smokeywood Pasture Vendors, Similar TUJ price.

Green Ribboned Wrapping Paper (Winter Veil)

Same Smokeywood Pasture Vendors, Similar TUJ price.


Winter Veil Wrapping Paper

  • When: NOW.  Players are giving gifts now, not just on 25 December.
  • How: Stacks of 1.  Experiment with other stack sizes, but start with 1.
  • Post: All day long. Experiment with 12 hour, 24 hour or 48 hour expiration times
  • How much: Check the current Undermine Journal prices.  Aim for maximum of 200% of current market, with a lowest posting price of 50%, and a 500% of vendor price as an absolute minimum.

Trade Skill Master Global Market Value

TSM String

Group for import


Add a Vendoring (buying only!) operation, and then an auctioning operation

Buy paper from a vendor

Post on the Auction House


The work does not end after the profit.

Type /TSM accounting to open the accounting module and search for the wrapping paper group.

Here’s my pre-Christmas data.  I’ll be looking at it again at 1/4, 1/2 and then 3/4 of the way through the season to make adjustments

So far, red is in the lead!


Goldqueen faseAbout the Author

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ps need more Winter Veil tips?  Milk, and small eggs.

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  1. Cat
    Cat says:

    The red wrapping paper is going for 1800g in stacks of 2….and Milk is going for 274g in stacks of 5…..So we shall see if they sell 🙂 Ill let ya know if any oft hem sold and if so how much I got for it all

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