Snatch List for Warcraft with Auctionator: The Rares

I have set up Auctionator to create shopping lists of rare items that I regularly scan AH, looking for a bargain that can be bought and resold at double, triple or ten times the price. Instead of listing the items I’m going to show you my exact rares list so you can duplicate it yourself:


With Auctionator’s shopping list you can very simply and easily


Search for All Items

And search down the list to check the current prices with what you would hope to buy or sell.


Auctionator Shopping List Import

*** snatch
Blade of wizardry
blazewing’s furious kilt
cat’s swiftness
Disgusting oozling
Formula: enchant weapon – battlemaster
Formula: enchant weapon – crusader
Formula: enchant weapon – spellsurge
Golden draenite
golden pearl
hyacinth macaw
kang the decapitator
mottled drake
orb of deception
pattern: blue lumberjack shirt
pattern: bottomless bag
pattern: comfortable leather hat
pattern: hide of the wild
pattern: mooncloth vest
pattern: red lumberjack shirt
pattern: rich purple silk shirt
pattern: star belt
schematic: arcanite dragonling



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