• Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
  • Smelt Pyrium Bars
  • Prospecting Pyrite Ore

Pyrite to Ebonsteel Belt Buckles: plan A.

Belt buckles are made using 4 volatile earth, 4 Pyrium bars, 4 elementium bars.

Every new patch brings new armor, new gear. Patch 4.3 Dragon Soul brings new tier 13 raid armor plus ilevel 378 from new 5 man dungeons. Raid finder drops new ilevel 384 gear, and valor points award ilevel 397 gear, matching non heroic Dragon Soul raid gear.

New belts need new belt buckles.

You know I advocate spreading your bets. Always have a back up plan. Always risk your gold investment in the safest matrix net of supporting plans.

Smelt Pyrium Bars: plan b

Use some of your Pyrite to smelt into Pyrium Bars. These are used by a transmute master Alchemists to create truegold bars.

Truegold mats: 3 Pyrium bars, 10 volatile air, 10 volatile fire, 10 volatile water.

Prospecting Pyrite Ore: plan c

This is your backup plan to your backup plan, heh 🙂

Prospecting Pyrite ore will not give you epic gems in patch 4.3. Pyrite prospects into uncommon “green” gems, or rare “blue” gems, plus volatile earth.

I send volatile earth to my leatherworker to make Drakehide leg armor. This is a steady profitable seller and will naturally be in demand as patch 4.3 brings new leg gear and armor. Wowhead lists these leg armor patches at 591g but check your local AH for a more up to date, lower, yet still profitable selling price.

Shuffle your green gems, the uncommon jasper, alicite, hessonite, and nightstone, creating jewellery and carnelian spikes, the fist weapon, on your jewelcrafter. Send these for disenchanting to your enchanter alt.  Reserve any of the necks/rings that proc a rare item and sell these in AH.

Cut zephyrite into solid/rigid/whatever zephyrite. These vendor for 75s. You have the chance to proc a perfect zephyrite gem, which vendor for slightly more at 90s each. Raw uncut zephyrite vendors at only 50s.

I recommend you cut your blue rare gems. Patch 4.3 brings epic gems however
Epic gems will initially be very rare, therefore expensive.
More casual players will only want to pay for rare gem prices.
Patterns for epic gems will drop as a matter of luck. Tome of burning jewels with random pattern costs 4 tokens, I believe specific patterns cost 5 tokens?
Low population servers / realms will take longer to collectively amass all the different patterns.

Patch 4.3 goes live 29 November US, 30 November EU, and I’m still in hoapital, so I won’t be the first with the expensive brilliant, bold, and delicate gem cuts on my server. But I hope you are, on yours 🙂

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The Gold Queen

P.s. This post is dedicated with sympathy to the dude from JMTC old weekly voice chat that stockpiled all his wealth into bankfuls of Pyrite. Bet he’s sick of volatile earth now.

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  1. jimmyolsenblues
    jimmyolsenblues says:

    I have made more money in Gems this past week then ever before,
    I am so happy people dumped pyrite ore and I prospected, cut gems and cleaned up .
    People who didn’t buy all that pyrite ore that i have , I have thousands of pyrite, and I prospecting and cutting gems and crushing it.

  2. Joseph Douglas
    Joseph Douglas says:

    Good to see your feeling better.

    I”m not going to be into any real hurry to finish off my pyrite stack. There should be enough people dumping inventory
    at reduced rate that I can still keep my profit margin on ebonsteel buckles and the chains/spikes that I won’t have to touch
    inventory for the first couple of weeks. Once the dust settles and we see where the ore bottoms out at and starts
    to calm down, then I can go into my inventory and keep production and sales.

    For some reason the zephs jumped to 17g per, so ended up at least getting rid of some of that inventory
    and have a stockpile of blues. I’m wondering just how much to look at long term with MOP and if they will
    do the whole limiting of gems into older gear that they did with cata.

  3. Harleqin
    Harleqin says:

    I’ve been making both Pyrium Weapon Chains and Pyrium Shield Spikes as well to load off unwanted stockpile. It’s not much, but it’s something. Especially since I’m on a low pop server with next to none competitiors!

  4. Cold
    Cold says:

    Agree, but carnelians I’m sending to the transmute spec alchemist for Inferno Euby transmutes. Especially if we see no epic transmutes soon

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